Martin Landau has died

Martin Landau diesWe are saddened to hear of the death of Martin Landau at the age of 89.

Martin died suddenly on Saturday in Los Angeles of “unexpected complications” following a hospital visit. His death was announced by his publicist Dick Guttman, saying: “We are overcome with sadness.”

Perhaps most famous for his role as Rollin Hand, magician, actor and master of disguise in Mission:Impossible, he will always be remembered by Anderson fans for playing the much-loved Moonbase Commander Koenig in Space: 1999.

Fanderson to trial deliveries by drone

Fanderson will start piloting deliveries of FAB magazine and sales items later this year.

Initially the pilot will be restricted to south east England, where the club has the highest density of members in the country. The decision comes after Amazon Prime successfully trialed drone deliveries in America last year, cutting delivery times by up to 60%.

Best of all – look at the drone we’ve been able to acquire from a specialist manufacturer! If the pilot is successful, we hope to expand our delivery fleet to include an Angel Interceptor, Fireball XL5 and – of course – a Space:1999 Transporter Eagle!

Thunderbird 2 drone