Fans Celebrate at Terrahawks 30th Birthday Event

Julian Bell and Tony Bell are interviewed by FAB co-editor Ian FryerFans and guests came together to celebrate 30 years of Terrahawks on Saturday 12th October, at the Holiday Inn, Maidenhead.

Although smaller in scale than previous conventions, Expect the Unexpected nevertheless contained all the much-loved elements of a Fanderson convention – fascinating interviews, unique screenings, great merchandise, top models and props on display and a wonderful chance for fans to socialise and talk to guests.

Jamie and Mary Anderson at Expect the UnexpectedExpect the Unexpected definitely lived up to its title thanks to the last-minute appearance of three guests who kindly volunteered to attend the event. Floor puppeteer Judy Preece and Art Director Gary Tomkins were joined by Driver Julian Bell and Director Tony Bell. Later in the day, Visual Effects Director Steven Begg, Visual Effects Technician Terry Adlam and Director Mark Woollard were joined by Props Buyer Kaye Moss. There was also an interview and slideshow with modelmakers John Lee and Steven Woodcock, with a second slideshow from Terry Adlam. Handled by FAB magazine co-editor Ian Fryer, the interviews evoked fond memories of the making of the series and conveyed a real sense of a family atmosphere within the production team.

An original Kate Kestrel headDuring the packed schedule, fans also managed to fit in time to check out an amazing collection of replica and original models, including an original Kate Kestrel puppet head and Zelda’s ‘Rhino’ ship! Fanderson Sales was also present with not one but two sales items for fans to purchase for the first time. Those who didn’t attend will have to wait a little longer!

There were screenings of Fanderson’s specially-commissioned episodes in HD, remastered by BBC Resources and Kindred Productions. The first of these was the compilation episode Ma’s Monsters, followed by Two for the Price of One, which marks the introduction of Cy-Star’s schizophrenic child, It-Star.

Zelda's cubes at Expect the Unexpected

The day’s interviews were rounded off with Jamie Anderson updating everyone on the progress of various Anderson legacy projects and the latest on the hugely successful Gemini Force One Kickstarter campaign.

The evening’s entertainment focused on a TV Dinners quiz that stretched fans’ knowledge of classic TV all the way. The quiz was deftly compered by Fanderson chairman Nick Williams, and accompanied by a hot ‘take-away-style’ buffet. The winners were rewarded by Zelda’s Cubes, full of 80s treats to bring Earth to its knees!

The winning team from the TV Dinners quiz collect their prizes!

All in all, it was a relaxed and friendly event that gave fans the chance to celebrate a series anniversary in a unique way. Happy Birthday, Terrahawks!




 Photos courtesy of Mark Simpson Wedge

Day Pass Tickets Available for Terrahawks Event

Terrahawks: Expect the Unexpected

Fans can still book their place at Expect the Unexpected, Fanderson’s 30th anniversary event for Terrahawks. Full registrations are available until 30th September, and the club has now issued a ‘day pass’ ticket at the reduced rate of £40.

The day pass gives fans access to the event but does not include the evening meal. The event is open to both members and non-members.

Terrahawks in HD, rare screenings and guest interviews

Expect the Unexpected will see the first-ever screening of Terrahawks episodes in high definition (HD), rare clips and archive footage, a model and puppet display and the chance to enjoy interviews with special guests involved in the making of the show. Our guest line up includes:

  • Terry Adlam – Terrahawks Special Effects Technician
  • Mary Anderson – Production Executive
  • Steven Begg - Special Effects Director
  • John Lee - Terrahawks Modelmaker
  • Judy Preece - Terrahawks Puppeteer
  • Gary Tomkins – Terrahawks Art Director
  • Steven Woodcock - Terrahawks Modelmaker
  • Mark Woollard – New Captain Scarlet Director
  • Jamie Anderson – Anderson Entertainment Executive

Remember that as well as our guest interviews, if you have a burning question for Steven Begg or any of our guests you can always ask it over a drink at the bar!

The evening will include an Eighties-themed TV quiz to be played in teams for some fun prizes. There will also be some great prizes up for grabs in our raffles.

Expect The Unexpected starts at 10:00am on Saturday 12th October and will run into the evening. Day passes cost £40 per person, and are available to both Fanderson members and non-members. The day pass does not include an evening meal.


For fans wishing to stay the night, we have arranged a special rate for double/twin rooms at the Holiday Inn on either Friday 11th or Saturday 12th October of just £65 bed and breakfast. To book your room at Fanderson’s special rate please call house reservations on 01628 506070 between 9am to 5pm, Monday – Friday. Attendees must quote “Fanderson” when they book to receive the discount. For more information about the hotel visit

Important Terms And Conditions of Registration

I understand that full payment must be received at the registrations address (24 Bluebell Rise, Midsomer Norton, Radstock, Somerset, BA3 2RR) by 11th October 2013. I understand that once my registration has been confirmed, all payments are non-refundable. I understand that once my registration has been confirmed, it is my responsibility to pay the hotel bill for my room and any associated costs upon checkout, or to pay any cancellation costs due to my failure to attend the event. I understand that the Fanderson committee and/or the hotel reserve the right to decline registration for any reason whatsoever, and that should my application for registration be declined, any registration fees that I have paid will be refunded in full.  I understand that any children in my party are my sole responsibility for the duration of the event, and that the organisers will not make any special arrangements for children of any age. I understand that the event is not suitable for children under 5 years of age. I understand that the organisers will make every effort to provide attendees with the contents of the programme of events as described, but that changes to the programme may be implemented at the organisers’ discretion due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise nearer the date of the event.