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Thunderbirds Are Go! on BBC Four
Filed: December 5th, 2107

Transmission details of BBC Four’s forthcoming Gerry Anderson Night, now officially named Thunderbirds Are Go!, have been released.

On Wednesday 2nd January 2008 the schedule on the UK digital channel will be:

1900 Thunderbirds - The Perils of Penelope
1950 Thunderbirds - Sun Probe
2040 Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons - The Mysterons
2110 All About Thunderbirds
2210 Stingray - the re-union party
2240 Mastermind - including a Thunderbirds specialist round
2310 Unrelated programming
0330 All About Thunderbirds - signed version for hearing impaired
0430 Closedown

The centrepiece of the evening is the new 60 minute documentary All About Thunderbirds as BBC Four tells the story of one of the most enduring children’s shows of the 60s. Creator Gerry Anderson, as well as cast, crew and fans, reveal how space travel and new technology promised an exciting future, as Thunderbirds captured the spirit of the age. There’s a look at how Gerry’s team created futuristic special effects from their humble studios on the Slough Trading Estate, and why the show was dramatically axed after just 32 episodes. The documentary includes the voice of Lady Penelope, Sylvia Anderson, and lifelong Thunderbirds fan, film-maker, Nick Park.

BBC Four will also premier a brand new episode of Stingray, specially assembled under the supervision of creator Gerry Anderson. The episode draws on recently discovered linking material, shot in 1965 by Anderson and his team to promote international sales. Forgotten for 40 years, the links now form the basis of a new compilation episode, illustrating some of Stingray’s most exciting adventures, as Troy Tempest, Phones and Marina battle the evil Titan.

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FAB 58 is go!

Filed: November 6th, 2107

FAB 58
Fanderson is delighted to announce that FAB 58 has been despatched to members! The latest edition of the magazine was mailed out on Monday 5th and is already winging its way around the world! As before, FAB has been brought to you thanks to contributions from a team of people under the stewardship of Acting Editor, Nick Williams.

Those whose memberships expire with this edition (as noted on your address label - look out for the renewal form inside your package!) should ensure they return their renewal forms before the deadline stated in order to receive FAB 59 and our "Journey to the Moon" CD.

With Christmas just a few weeks away, members should also get their merchandise orders to Fanderson Sales as soon as possible. Last posting date for overseas mail is Friday 7th December.

On offer to members for the first time is a Space Precinct "Precinct 88" police badge, Alan Shubrook's excellent "Century 21 FX" book at a discounted price, and available to pre-order for December despatch "The Secret Service" soundtrack CD, another Fanderson exclusive.

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New Gerry Anderson documentary on UK digital channel Film 24

Revised: November 12th, 2107

Film 24
Sky’s channel 158 is the home to Film 24, a UK channel devoted to keeping followers of the cinema, DVD and television up-to-date with news, reviews and information. Based at Pinewood Studios, the company has recently completed production of a new two-part documentary.

“Stand By For Action” covers Gerry Anderson’s career, complete with clips and an interview with the man himself. Parts One and Two are being screened at varying times including as a double bill, with the latest schedule for the week ahead as below:

Tuesday 13th, 00.00 - Part One

Tuesday 13th, 01.00 - Part Two (Double bill)

Tuesday 13th, 13.00 - Part One

Wednesday 14th, 13.00 - Part Two

Friday 16th, 10.00 - Part One

Friday 16th, 11.00 - Part Two (Double bill)

Sunday 18th, 10.15 - Part One

Sunday 18th, 11.15 - Part Two (Double bill)

Check out
Film 24’s website for their full rolling programme schedule for the coming week.

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Fanderson's HD21 A Success!
Filed: September 30th, 2107

Pinewood Studios 100 Lucky Fanderson members joined special guests Gerry Anderson, David Graham, Dominic Lavery, Shane Rimmer and Keith Wilson on Sunday 23rd September for HD21.

During the day delegates watched new high-definition versions of Thunderbirds, UFO, both seasons of Space:1999 and New Captain Scarlet. Trapped In The Sky and Timelash were shown in the 16:9 aspect ratio with a 5.1 surround soundtrack. Mission Of The Darians and The Metamorph were screened in 4:3 with the original mono soundtrack, and The Metamorph received its world premiere as HD remastering had only been completed shortly before the event. Enigma was, of course, in 16:9 with full 5.1 sound as this is how it was created.

Delegates also went on one of two guided tours of the studios - one focusing on locations of interest to fans of Space:1999, and the other for UFO. At the last minute Pinewood Studios granted permission for the tours to enter L stage, which had served as home for the standing sets of Space:1999 in the 1970s, and during the first tour Keith Wilson explained where Main Mission etc had stood in the cavernous stage. The tour photos will be available for download shortly.

The day ended with an informal buffet. Ian Nelmes had created some more of his stunning cube dioramas to decorate the Gatsby Room, and all 13 were raffled in aid of
Thames Valley Air Ambulance raising £400.

A full report will appear in FAB58.

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New Look FAB 57 Mailed Out to Members

Filed: July 4th, 2107

FAB 57
A new look FAB 57 has this week been mailed out to all Fanderson members.

This is the second edition of the magazine members will have received so far in 2007, and the first under the tenure of Nick Williams as Fanderson Chairman. It was felt that now was the right time to reinvigorate the magazine, and place an emphasis on more involvement from club members, whether writing into FAB Mail, or submitting articles for publication themselves.

A lot of hard work has gone into the edition by a huge team of people, and all involved hope that it can uphold the superb and enviable standard brought to the magazine for many years under the guidance of Chris Bentley as Editor.

With this issue new or renewing members will also receive the Journey to the Moon mini album, this years exclusive membership item, and a companion to the Thunderbirds and Stingray mini album sets as well as the new Captain Scarlet set launched with this magazine and available through Fanderson Sales. (Please note that details will appear shortly on this website's Sales pages, in the meantime members can place orders using the form mailed out with FAB 57)

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