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  1. The Investigator
  2. The Day After Tomorrow Into Infinity
  3. Space Police Star Laws
  4. GFI Warming Warning

The Investigator (1972)

Screenplay by Sylvia Anderson
Story by Shane Rimmer
Directed by Gerry Anderson

The Investigator, a benevolent alien from a distant galaxy, selects an Earth boy and girl, John and Julie, to assist him in his mission to make their world a better place. The pair are miniaturised to assist The Investigator more easily, and assigned to prevent the theft by Stavros Karanti of a 14th century masterpiece from a church on Malta. John and Julie are presented with a car and a boat, scaled to accommodate their miniaturised size, and set out to thwart Karanti's plans...

Original Airdate: Not broadcast to date

On Location:

Voice Cast:
Julie Sylvia Anderson
John Shane Rimmer
The Investigator Peter Dyneley

Stavros Karanti Charles Thake
Cristoph Peter Borg

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The Day After Tomorrow Into Infinity (1975)

Screenplay by Johnny Byrne
Directed by Charles Crichton

The lightship Altares leaves Space Station Delta on the first stage of a mission of scientific discovery beyond the solar system, a journey to Alpha Centauri, four light years from Earth. On board are two complete family units: Dr. Tom Bowen with his wife Anna and son David, and Captain Harry Masters with his daughter Jane.

Their work at Alpha Centauri completed, the two families elect to continue deeper into space but the computer guidance system malfunctions and the Altares is hit by a meteorite shower. When the ship's photon drive accidentally cuts in, the Altares hurtles out of control at near light speed - leaving the crew with no way to return to Earth!

Original UK Airdate: December 11th, 1976 (BBC1)
Original US Airdate: December 9th, 1975 (NBC)

Dr. Tom Bowen Brian Blessed
Dr. Anna Bowen Joanna Dunham
Captain Harry Masters Nick Tate
Jane Masters Katherine Levy
David Bowen Martin Lev
Jim Forbes Don Fellows
Narrator Ed Bishop
Spring Bones

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Space Police Star Laws (1986)

Screenplay by Gerry Anderson and Tony Barwick
Directed by Tony Bell

Lieutenant Chuck Brogan, commanding officer of Space Police Precinct 44 East, spearheads a successful campaign against organised crime on planet Zar XL5, but the villainous crimelord V. Lann intends to strike back by threatening the life of the President. As the President travels by monorail to Ultraville, V. Lann engineers the sabotage of the monorail's drive section, sending the train speeding out of control. Brogan and his officers race against time to track down V. Lann and stop the President's runaway train...

Original Airdate: Not broadcast to date

Lt. Chuck Brogan Shane Rimmer
Officer Cathy Costello Catherine Chevalier
Officer Bats Tina Werts
Officer Tom Christine Glanville
Officer Harry Lyn Beardsall
Officer Dick Jan King

Voice Cast:
Officer Tom David Healy
V. Lann Gary Martin

Other Voices:
Desiree Erasmus Tony Sibbald
Jeff Harding Ian Tyler
Kate Harper Peter Whitman
Kerry Shale

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GFI Warming Warning (1993)

Screenplay by Tony Barwick
Directed by Phil Littler

Professor James Gee leads G-Force Intergalactic, a rapid response task force formed by the President of the United Planets to combat major crime and large scale disasters. Operating from Star City, a hidden base beneath the surface of an asteroid orbiting the Myson planetary system, the G-Force team are joined by two aliens from a distant galaxy and supported by a group of robots controlled by a huge central computer, George Washington.

When the planet Zeta is effected by massive global warming which melts its polar ice caps, the farmers of Zeta are forced to build boats and take to the ever-rising seas. The only available land is controlled by the evil Tyran and his warriors: to save the farmers and the planet, G-Force must first overcome Tyran and his mighty metallic fortress city...

Original Airdate: Not broadcast to date

Voice Cast:
D'Or Gary Martin
George Washington Gary Martin

Other Voices:
Paul Carrington Dave Wade
Denise Bryer Ben Stevens

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