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Postage update

Although much of the world is in lockdown, we’re doing our best to get membership packages and merchandise orders to Fanderson members.

Though mail delivery companies are doing their very best to maintain services, the actual service can vary from country to country – even from town to town (see here and here). For this reason it’s impossible for us to predict when a package will be delivered (we’ve had packages mailed on the same day but arrive in different parts of the same town days apart). Everyone’s affected by restrictions, illness and social distancing, so please be patient if your Fanderson order is taking a little bit longer to arrive than you’re used to.

How can you help?

Obviously, we need to know when an order doesn’t arrive so that we can look into what’s happened. But help us to help you by checking a few things yourself, before contacting us:

  • check when you placed your order – you can do this by logging in to your Fanderson account, from the shop page at (you should also automatically receive a confirmation email when you place an order)
  • check what you actually ordered – separate orders will be mailed separately, so please don’t write to us when things you ordered separately don’t arrive all in the same package. The other items may arrive within the next few days.

Based on what we’re seeing in feedback from members at the moment, as a guide:

  • please allow up to 28 days if you’re in the UK
  • if you’re outside the UK, please allow another 28 days before contacting us (that’s eight weeks in total).

Thanks for your help and support.