Heavenly Bundle

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‘Minimise’ your expenses this Christmas with a seasonal gift from Father Unwin.

A special offer combination pack of The Secret Service soundtrack, Close Up book, specification guide, and tea towels is available now.

Matthew says he looks forward to the delight of Christmas Day at the vicarage with Father Unwin, an early morning carol service followed by a delicious breakfast from Mrs Appleby. Then down to opening the gifts over a glass of sherry.

A copy of the exclusive The Secret Service soundtrack for everyone along with all the facts and figures in the specification sheet and Close Up book, and just think how pleased Mrs Appleby will be with her new tea towels!

Father Unwin reminds Matthew, “Now don’t forget Matthew, Mrs Appleby loves to watch the Queen’s speech at 3pm, so let her enjoy that while you do the washing up after that fabulous gobblywobblyode Turkey lunch. But don’t use her new tea towels, she won’t be best pleased.”

This heavenly offer saves you £12 off the usual combined price – £1 for each day of Christmas!


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