Four Feather Falls

Sheriff Tex Tucker maintains the peace in Four Feather Falls, Kansas with the aid of four magic feathers which enable his dog and horse to talk and his guns to swivel and fire automatically whenever he is in danger.

AP Films/Granada Television

Produced: 1959-60

First UK broadcast: 25th February 1960

39 episodes x 13 minutes

Producer: Gerry Anderson

Director of Photography: Arthur Provis and John Read

Art Director: Reg Hill

Special Effects: John Read

Music and Lyrics Composed, Arranged and Conducted by Barry Gray

Episodes List
1 How It Began
2 Kidnapped
3 Pedro Has A Plan
4 Pedro's Pardon
5 A Close Shave
6 Indian Attack
7 Sheriff For A Day
8 Dusty Becomes Deputy
9 Gunrunners
10 Trouble At Yellow Gulch
11 Frame-Up
12 Gold Diggers
13 Gold Is Where You Find It
14 Trapped
15 Best Laid Schemes...
16 Escort
17 The Toughest Guy In The West
18 Ghost Of A Chance
19 Gunplay
20 A Lawman Rides Alone
21 Jailbreak
22 A Little Bit Of Luck
23 Landgrabbers
24 Once A Lawman
25 Election Day
26 Gunfight On Main Street
27 A Bad Name
28 Horse Thieves
29 The Ma Jones Story
30 Bandits Abroad
31 A Cure For Everything
32 Teething Troubles
33 Buffalo Rocky
34 Safe As Houses
35 First Train Through
36 Happy Birthday
37 Fancy Shootin'
38 Ambush
39 Ride 'Em Cowboy
Cast List
Tex Tucker Nicholas Parsons
Rocky Kenneth Connor
Dusty Kenneth Connor
Grandpa Twink David Graham
Ma Jones Denise Bryer
Little Jake Denise Bryer
Pedro Kenneth Connor
Fernando David Graham