Terms and Conditions

By placing an order (including joining the club) you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

These terms and conditions apply to all Fanderson services and products – membership, merchandise ordering (Fanderson Sales), event registration and any others that may be added from time to time.

These terms and conditions may be amended at any time and are applicable immediately.

Terms and conditions, specific to certain services, products or situations, may apply at any time in addition to our general terms and conditions below.

  1. All of Fanderson’s products and services are created and produced by fans, for fans. It is all made exclusively for club members and is not legally available anywhere else.
  2. Due to UK tax and other laws applying to non-profit-making clubs and societies, Fanderson is only allowed to sell merchandise to its members. Any surplus goes straight back into the club’s products and services.
  3. A Fanderson member is an individual who has paid a membership fee. You can order a membership and merchandise in the same order – it will all go in the online shopping basket.
  4. Your online account shows the final edition of FAB Express included in your membership. In your welcome package, and on every FAB Express mailing, we’ll let you know when your membership expires. We will also send you a renewal form with your last issue of FAB Express.
  5. By joining the Fanderson Facebook group only you are not a member of Fanderson and you cannot order merchandise.
  6. We will charge you in Pounds Sterling (£/GBP). If you’re outside the UK your bank/card issuer will automatically convert the payment to your local currency.
  7. If you are outside the UK, you may be charged import taxes and charges on any packages you import (including the EU from 1st July 2021). This is outside our control.
  8. Membership packages and merchandise are mailed separately. Our Shipping and Returns page always gives an up-to-date estimate of delivery times.
  9. Please see our Shipping and Returns page for full details, but we will replace faulty or damaged merchandise upon receipt back at Fanderson Sales and our verification of the fault/damage. If we no longer hold stock of the faulty item, we will contact you to arrange a suitable alternative (or offer a refund).
  10. All payments are non-refundable (with the exception of 9 above).
  11. We will deduct a £5 administration fee from any refund (unless due to our error). As a non-profit-making club, we minimise wasting members’ funds, particularly in transaction charges. This may be for any failed transaction, if there are insufficient funds in your account to complete the transaction, if your card payment fails, if you fail to fulfil the terms of any published offer or promotion, or for any other reason. This administration fee is non-refundable.
  12. Fanderson reserves the right to refuse supply to any individual, for any reason whatsoever.
  13. We reserve the right to refuse multiple orders that are in excess of a reasonable personal requirement.
  14. The reselling of current Fanderson merchandise is prohibited in our licensing agreements. The club relies on people joining in order to buy our exclusive merchandise, in order to be financially viable. The reselling of current merchandise is therefore potentially depriving the club of vital income. Fanderson will expel members, without refund, who are openly flaunting the spirit of the club, or believed to be profiting (either personally or professionally) from club merchandise.
  15. It’s most efficient for club members and the volunteers running the club, if transactions are online. However, we continue to offer services via the post for those who prefer this. All the time we do this we need to keep a manual database as well as the online version, so please ensure you tell us of any changes you make to your online membership account.
  16. Fanderson reserves the right to vary prices between products and services online and off-line (ie, those transacted through the post and via cheque and other payment) due to the additional costs involved.
  17. Merchandise prices will be valid from the date of posting an issue of FAB Express, though may be offered online only at lower prices or for limited-time offers.