Thanks to…

Committee members

Fanderson owes its continued existence to the following committee members (current committee shown in bold), all unpaid volunteers working for the club in their spare time who created, developed and have kept the club celebrating the work of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson since 1981:

Robert Bailey, Pamela Barnes, Ronnie Beaumont, Chris Bentley, Graham Bleathman, Katie Bleathman, Ian Boyce, Stephen BrownJacqueline Dear, Steve Dear, Glen Dooley, Derek Eaton, Barbara Edwards, Andrew Frampton, Ian Fryer, Martin Gainsford, Barbara Heywood, Keith Jones, Mark Jones, Mike Jones, Barbara Edwards, Steve Kyte, Kath Lambert, Chris Leach, Lorraine Malby, Helen McCarthy, Jay Mullins, David Nightingale, John Perrin, Philip Rae, Roger Rice, Claire Roberts, Mel Rowlands, Brendan Sheehan, Lynn Simpson, Andrew Staton, Neil Swain, Alyson Taylor, Andrew Thompson, Glo Thorogood, Ralph Titterton, John Wilkinson and Nick Williams.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members are nominated by fellow club members as a thank you for making a significant and/or consistent contribution to the club, its members, services or products. Our Honorary Members, who are given free membership, are: 

Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson, Jonathan Baxter, Chris Bentley, Graham Bleathman, Katie Bleathman, Ian Boyce, Stephen Brown, Ros Connors, Len Davies, Jacqueline Dear, Sam Denham, Chris Drake, Derek Eaton, Robert Fisher, Ian Fryer, David Graham, Keith Jones, Mark Jones, Mike Jones, Chris King, Steve Kyte, Lorraine Malby, Tim Mallett, Alistair McGown, Don Mead, Zienia Merton, Jay Mullins, David Nightingale, Glenn Pearce, Doug Pelton, Phil Rae, Frank Ratcliffe, Shane Rimmer, Mel Rowlands, Lynn Simpson, David Sisson, Andrew Staton, Glo Thorogood, Ralph Titterton, Martin Townley, Mike Trim, John Wilkinson, Nick Williams and Matt Zimmerman.

Nominate a fellow member by writing and explaining your reasons (including your name, club membership number and post code) to


Thanks to Bob Barker and Steve Jordan-Toll of Shinytastic, Chris Bentley, Clive Eardley and Derek Eaton for their assistance in building and maintaining this website.