What’s included in a club Membership?

When you join Fanderson we’ll send you a welcome letter, your membership badge and card and the latest issue of the club’s own full-colour magazine, FAB.

Your membership includes three issues of FAB, each packed with the latest news of Anderson productions, exclusive interviews, reviews, episode guides, special articles on merchandise and memorabilia, series production features and much more. Members can express their views in the FAB Mail pages, or write in about their favourite memories in Timelash. Back issues of the magazine are available to buy in our Shop (as stock allows).

We aim to publish FAB in spring, summer and winter, so a membership will usually last around a year. However, we’re fans like you, running the club in our spare time, so because FAB isn’t published to a strict schedule a membership lasts for for three issues of FAB magazine, and not a calendar year. This is confirmed in your welcome letter, on every subsequent FAB mailing address label, and under My Account when you log in to the website.

We send members an exclusive membership gift with the first FAB magazine mailed after we receive your membership payment. We aim to have something new every membership ‘year’, which is when we also mail that year’s new membership badge. To ensure you don’t miss out on a membership gift or badge, ensure you always renew your membership by the cut-off date given on your renewal form (which we’ll send you with the final FAB issue of your membership).

For 2021/22 the membership gift is the Music From The 21st Century By Barry Gray. This CD brings together two of our most popular and oft-requested gifts – the 7″ Barry Gray vinyl EPs given to members in 1986 and 1988. We’ve given them a bit of a brush-up and the CD is now being mailed to new and renewing members until (and including) FAB 100. As with all club products and merchandise, the CD has been produced exclusively for club members and is not available to buy anywhere. 

However, unlike some previous membership gifts, due to our licensing agreement we’re not able to sell this disc, so it won’t be available in the shop once next year’s gift becomes available.

In addition, the club has a range of merchandise, produced exclusively for Fanderson members, which you can see in our shop. We’ve also got pages of merchandise that we don’t produce and sell but think you’ll probably want to know about.

A new free service was added in 2020 – the Fanderson Podcast! Hosted by journalist and broadcaster (and long-time Fanderson member) Ros Connors, our podcasts share information, views and stories with fans – just like you.

There’s lots of other information here on the website too, such as our members-only Fanderson Forum, production information, filming location details, links to our Facebook and Twitter, and lots of help pages too.