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New members

We’ve temporarily suspended taking new memberships, as we’re preparing our new package, including our new club magazine.

Email us at and we’ll contact you just as soon as new memberships are available again.


Renewing your membership

As you will have read in FAB 100 (pages 74/75) and here, we’re in the process of reconfiguring the membership package, so we’re not taking membership renewals at the moment. Please ignore any note on your FAB 100 mailing label that tells you your membership has expired.

We want to get everyone’s feedback on our proposal, check our maths again, and give everyone a taste of what the new package will be like, before asking anyone to renew. We’ll send full details with the first edition of ‘FAB-lite’ in a few weeks, including how we’re going to ensure no-one’s out-of-pocket as part of the switchover, so you can make an educated choice.


Your online account

You need to set up an online account and have an active membership to buy anything from us. Once you’ve set up your account you’ll be able to easily come back again and again. You’ll be prompted to do this if you haven’t already logged in.

Your club membership is important to us, so we’re currently managing memberships manually as well as via your online account. So, you’ll continue to get a renewal reminder with the last FAB magazine of your membership.

Changing your personal details

Click here to see how to access your online account and make changes to your personal details.

Cancelling your membership

Your membership automatically expires after the third issue of FAB magazine that we send you (with which we’ll also send you a renewal application form). However, if you wish to cancel your membership before it expires, just email us at

Obviously, this is something we don’t come across very often, so please tell us the reason so we can understand why you’re not happy. Unfortunately, if we’ve mailed your membership package then your membership subscription cannot be refunded.