Supercelebration Treasure 3: Cut-outs, trading cards, pod vehicles and more

At Fanderson’s Supercelebration convention this September we’ll be raising much-needed funds for our convention charity*.

Our generous friends, partners, licensees and club members have donated a raft of unusual and rare items which will all be going home with convention delegates as a result of our blind and live auctions, raffles and other activities during the weekend.

If you would like to donate something to raise money for a great cause, please e-mail details (including photos) to us at

With raffle tickets at just £1 each, everyone, whatever your budget, has a chance of going home with something special and helping a good cause. To give you just a taste of the range that will be on offer…

Thunderbirds Are Go TB1 cut out (approximately 90x70cm)

Cards Inc Joe 90 promotional trading cards set (available recently from £3 online)

Konami Pod Vehicles Volume 2 (available recently from £10 online)

MPC 22” Eagle Transporter model kit (available recently from £130 online)

Haynes Thunderbirds manual and jigsaw (available recently from £10 online)

Thunderbirds (2004) style guide




Keep an eye out for more items in the coming weeks, and start saving your pocket money!

*Delegates have until 1st June 2019 to suggest which charity we’ll support when they book their place.

Thunderbirds Are Go returns to CITV this Saturday

Thunderbirds Are Go returns to CITV (with an HD simulcast on ITV) this Saturday, 18th May, with the episode Deep Water.

The Supreme Barrier Reef has turned acidic and its creators are forced to abandon ship! Gordon responds to the emergency in Thunderbird 4 and attempts to discover the cause of the acidity in the water.

Episode features Jennifer Saunders as no-nonsense biologist Helen Shelby; and Marcel McCalla as Robbie – the talented young builder of the Supreme Barrier Reef.

Easter Eggs:

  1. This may be the first time we see the full Thunderbird 4 launch sequence…
  2. Gordon enlists the assistance of Lady Penelope and her newly refurbished solar tanker (Ocean Dawn)