Thunderbirds Are Go: Avalanche this Saturday

Premieres at 8:00am on Saturday 13th July on ITV and CITV. Repeated Sunday, Wednesday 4.30pm and Thursday at 7:30am on CITV.

An avalanche traps vlogger Brandon “The Bear” Berrenger (Tom Rosenthal) and his camera assistant Goose in a treacherous snowy basin. Scott, Alan and Virgil must work carefully to dig out Brandon without triggering a second disaster with their vehicles. This is a rather ‘public’ rescue for IR – how will they respond to being in front of the camera?

Easter Eggs:

  • Brand Berrenger returns
  • Sherpa Pod is used

Supercelebration Treasure 8: Eagle Transporter model kit, Thunderbirds Are Go art print and more

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Thunderbirds Are Go: Signals part one this Saturday

Premieres at 8:00am on Saturday 15th June on ITV and CITV. Repeated Sunday 6pm on CITV (Freeview 203) and Wednesday 4.30pm on CITV.

To recover a key clue to Jeff Tracy’s fate, International Rescue members split up on missions in space and at the bottom of the ocean. Kayo and Alan tackle a giant laser in a space debris facility while Virgil, Scott and Lady Penelope are fighting underwater quicksludge. The Chaos Crew are causing trouble and even manage to commandeer one of the Thunderbirds…

Easter Eggs:

  1. We will see the final footage of Jeff Tracy from before his disappearance
  2. The clue to Jeff Tracy’s fate involves the Zero-X

Thunderbirds Are Go: SOS Part Two

Premieres at 8:00am on Saturday 8th June on ITV and CITV

Repeats Sunday 6pm on CITV (Freeview 203) and Wednesday 4.30pm on CITV.

With Braman’s distress call transmitting repeatedly to International Rescue, Gordon attempts to recover the robot from the underwater wreckage of the Calypso, but the Chaos Crew get to it first. Brains makes a startling discovery about the origin of Braman’s distress signal.

Thunderbirds Are Go: SOS Part One

Premieres at 8:00am on Saturday 1st June on ITV and CITV

Repeats Sunday 6pm on CITV (Freeview 203) and Wednesday 4.30pm on CITV.

International Rescue discovers that an unknown space vessel is on a collision course straight for Earth. Episode features Nina Sosanya as Asher and Laurel Lefkow as Finn, two astronauts trained by Jeff Tracy, who have been in deep sleep for around 8 years on their mission.

Easter Eggs:

  1. Braman (the robot) is based on Braman the robot from the original Classic series
  2. Finn is named for Christine Finn, voice of Tin-Tin and Grandma Tracy in the original Classic series
  3. Asher is a nod to Asher in the classic Thunderbirds episode Sun Probe
  4. There is a sample of the lightning from the title sequence of the original series used in the episode

Thunderbirds Are Go: Endgame on ITV/CITV This Saturday

Premieres at 8:00am on Saturday 25th May on ITV and CITV.

Repeats Sunday 6pm on CITV (Freeview 203) and Wednesday 4.30pm on CITV.

The Chaos Crew break into a holographic game park, based on one of Alan’s favourite games ‘Cavern Quest’, to steal a piece of technology. Kayo and Alan must play through the game along with Aezethril the Wizard to stop them.

Episode features Sylvester McCoy as the wonderfully whacky Aezethril the Wizard, the brain behind holographic game ‘Cavern Quest’.

Easter Eggs:

  1. Look out for the Holotrix – it might remind you of something!
  2. Aezethril reveals his real name at the end – a nod to the actor that plays him
  3. The names of the weapons available for Cavern Quest players may sound familiar to fans of the series…

Thunderbirds Are Go returns to CITV this Saturday

Thunderbirds Are Go returns to CITV (with an HD simulcast on ITV) this Saturday, 18th May, with the episode Deep Water.

The Supreme Barrier Reef has turned acidic and its creators are forced to abandon ship! Gordon responds to the emergency in Thunderbird 4 and attempts to discover the cause of the acidity in the water.

Episode features Jennifer Saunders as no-nonsense biologist Helen Shelby; and Marcel McCalla as Robbie – the talented young builder of the Supreme Barrier Reef.

Easter Eggs:

  1. This may be the first time we see the full Thunderbird 4 launch sequence…
  2. Gordon enlists the assistance of Lady Penelope and her newly refurbished solar tanker (Ocean Dawn)