UK: Farewell, Forces TV

On 30th June 2022 we’ll say goodbye to Forces TV, which in recent years has become the home to much classic British television, including UFO and Space:1999.

Forces TV was originally a military-themed factual channel but in time its primetime schedule has become the home of such comedy classics as Bless This House, Sorry! and Oh No It’s Selwyn Froggitt, and dramas including CHiPs, Doctor Who and Return Of The Saint.

Together with the bizarrely-named Horror channel, Forces TV has also broadcast Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s UFO and Space:1999 numerous times in recent years.

Forces TV is closing as the frequency spectrum used to broadcast it and other channels is being handed over to the expanding 5G mobile network. You can read more about this here.

A statement from BFBS (the charity that runs Forces TV) says:

“We are very sad to go but, as a military charity and media organisation, we’re focusing our resources on our core mission: to entertain, inform, connect and champion our UK armed forces, families and veterans.”

Farewell, Forces TV, it’s been great knowing you.

Win a Zavvi exclusive vinyl singles boxset!

Silva Screen Records and Zavvi have announced a newly remastered limited edition Anderson 7” singles box set,  featuring music from the extensive Barry Gray soundtrack catalogue. Gray’s partnership with Gerry and Sylvia Anderson was one of the most successful of its kind in TV history, forever linking the iconic Supermarionation imagery with the composer’s distinctive orchestral themes.

Due for release on 31st August, this exclusive box set contains the soundtracks to some of the Andersons’ most popular Supermarionation shows, including Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, and also includes the soundtrack to live action series Space:1999. This limited edition 7” singles box set is the perfect addition to your vinyl collection.

One lucky club member will win one of the new boxsets – see the first issue of FAB-lite (working title) soon!

Previously a staggered release by Silva Screen from 2012 in time for 2013’s Record Store Day, the new boxset includes The Cass Carnaby disc on shocking pink vinyl (the 2013 was a clear flexidisc), five exclusive art cards and is limited to just 500 units worldwide.

Track Listing:

Thunderbirds 7” on blue vinyl

Side 1

    • Thunderbirds – Main Theme (1:36)
    • Dangerous Game (1:40) (Vocals: Jack Clegg)

Side 2

    • Thunderbirds Are Go! (4:28)

Captain Scarlet 7” on red vinyl

Side 1

    • Captain Scarlet – Main Theme (1:33)
    • The S.H.E.F. March (2:35)

Side 2

    • White As Snow (3:12)
    • Captain Scarlet – End Titles (1:28) – Performed by The Spectrum

Joe 90 7” on yellow vinyl

Side 1

    • Century 21 Sting (0:08)
    • Joe 90 – Main Theme (1:58)
    • The Most Special Agent (3:19)

Side 2

    • Splashdown (4:44)
    • Joe 90 – End Titles (1:20)

Space:1999 7” on white vinyl

Side 1

    • Space: 1999 Year One – Main Titles (1:10)
    • Breakaway Suite (4:39)

Side 2

    • Black Sun Suite And End Titles (5:52)

The Cass Carnaby Five 7” on pink vinyl

Side 1

    • This Is The Twist (1:40)
    • Formula 5 (1:23)
    • Let’s Play Ad Lib (2:56)

Side 2

    • Spoke City Jazz (1:39)
    • Until Midnight (2:22)
    • Double Agent Entertainment (2:02)

35% off Network Blu-ray Discs

Network are offering 35% off a selection of their high definition titles on Blu-ray Disc in their HD35 promotion.

The selection includes loads of classic British TV and film, and for Anderson fans the titles of most interest are likely to be Fireball XL5 A Day In The Life Of A Space GeneralCaptain Scarlet And The MysteronsJoe 90Space:1999 Year OneTerrahawks, New Captain Scarlet and (yes, we know it’s not an Anderson producion!) Space Patrol.

The promotion ends at 16:00 on Monday 6th June, so go shopping now by clicking this link to see all titles in Network’s HD35 promotion.

AUS: 20% off at Imprint

Imprint, the boutique, independent, Australian based DVD label which recently released the excellent Space: 1999 The Complete Series Ultimate Edition, are celebrating their first two years by offering customers 20% off their Imprint catalogue*, until Friday 3 June.

Just enter code ‘TWOYEARS’ at checkout, at

*This offer excludes all pre-orders and also excludes April and May New Release titles.

UK: Space:1999 on Horror Channel

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s second live action sci-fi series, Space:1999, returns to the UK’s Horror Channel from Monday 30th May.

Space:1999 will be shown each weeknight at 19:00, with a repeat screening at 09:00 the following morning.

Horror Channel (+1) is available in the UK on Freeview 68, Freesat 138 (139), Sky 317 (318) or Virgin Media 149 (202).

UK: Fanderson to sponsor Anderson On Film!

Fanderson is the proud sponsor of the Anderson On Film presentation as part of the Southend Film Festival, enabling fans to enjoy Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s work with other fans this summer… on film!

In this digital world it’s easy to watch programmes on your phone, to stream, or even to watch from DVD or Blu-ray Disc. This year’s Southend Film Festival gives Anderson fans a chance to have that collective experience of watching with fellow fans, thanks to the beauty that is celluloid film!

This year’s programme of Anderson programmes on 29th May 2022 – all on the big screen and all shown from film – includes:

  • Four Feather Falls Trouble In Yellow Gulch and Indian Attack
  • Space:1999 War Games
  • Thunderbirds Pit Of Peril

The popular Southend Film Festival has been running for thirteen years in two parts – as well as the main festival, the Film Festival Fringe encourages various venues around Southend to put on film screenings throughout May. Over 50 films were screened during last year’s festival. The festival’s patrons are actors Ray Winstone, Vicki Michelle and Phil Davis, and you can see more at

When the club announced that Supercelebration would be our last full-weekend convention we offered to help smaller events around the country to ensure fans of Gerry and Sylvia’s work could continue to get together. That help might be financial (such as seed funding to secure a venue, or advertising, or sponsorship) or it might be more practical (such as liaising with guests, or logistical help).

If you need help or support with your Anderson event, please drop us a line at

UK: Space:1999 on London Live

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s second live action sci-fi series, Space:1999, returns to the UK’s local London Live channel from Sunday 20th February 2022.

Space:1999 will be shown:

  • Sundays at 19:00
  • Fridays at 17:00
  • Saturdays at 09:00

London Live is available in the UK on Freeview/YouView 8 (from London transmitters), Sky 117 or Virgin Media 159.

If you know of an Anderson production being broadcast, anywhere in the world, please email details to so we can share the news!

Another great new Space:1999 book? Really?

Hot on the heels of To Everything That Might Have Been and Space:1999 The Vault, Powys Media’s Earthfall is proving it’s a bumper time for Space:1999 books!

A hellbroth born of the Earth’s atomic waste and the Universe’s own fury propels the men and women of Moonbase Alpha into a dimension where the familiar is torn away and the unimaginable awaits. Newly-assigned Commander John Koenig must lead the orphaned colony as they seek to adapt and survive with little hope of ever finding a new home.

Originally published in 1977, then reprinted by Fanderson in 2002, Powys Media is adding E.C. Tubb’s re-imagining of the cataclysmic event of September 13, 1999 and its consequences to their extensive Space:1999 range of books.

Here, the Moon and its inhabitants not only leave Earth’s orbit, but time and space are shifted towards the fantastic. In the new dimension where they find themselves, a single flinch can cost a man his life, lunar caverns hold a secret as mysterious as the pyramids of ancient Egypt, and the Alphans must face the reality that the greatest threat to their continued existence may come from within.

And looming above, a great black void pulls them and a new generation of Alphans into the maw of what may be their very destruction.

Powys Media’s Earthfall can be ordered here.

Another new ‘must-have’ Space:1999 book on the way!

Another must-have book, coming soon from Signum Books, is “the first fully illustrated book dedicated to Space:1999”.

Space:1999 The Vault, by Chris Bentley, is a deluxe, full-colour 208-page hardback which includes many rare and newly discovered images from the 48 episodes of what is considered to be Gerry Anderson’s greatest TV series.

The lavish science-fiction drama Space:1999 has captivated audiences around the world since its debut in 1975. The series starred Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, and was created by legendary producers Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. The ambitious premise exceeded the scope (and budget) of many of the era’s disaster movies – following an accident that blows the Moon out of Earth’s orbit, the stranded crew of Moonbase Alpha embark on an epic interplanetary quest for a new home. This definitive and fully authorised book includes a wealth of previously unpublished images – including new shots of original studio models and vintage merchandise.

Author Chris Bentley is a former Fanderson chairman and the author of The Complete Book of Thunderbirds (2000)The Complete Gerry Anderson: The Authorised Episode Guide (2005)The Complete Book of Gerry Anderson’s UFO (2016) and Captain Scarlet: The Vault (2017).

Other Signum Books’ Anderson titles include Captain Scarlet: The Vault and Shane Rimmer’s autobiography From Thunderbirds To Pterodactyls.

Prices vary, but at the time of going to press Amazon are listing the book at £24.59 including free postage, whereas some specialist sellers are charging £29.99 plus postage!

Help your Anderson favourite become a Lego set!

There are seven Anderson-inspired projects on Lego Ideas right now that need your support to become reality!

Lego Ideas was set up so that budding Lego set designers could see their design made into sets that we could all buy. Fans can click to support the designs they like and, if a project gets over 10,000 supporters, it goes on to be assessed by the Lego team as a potential set.

Since Lego Ideas was set up in 2010 (as Lego Cuusoo), 49 sets have been produced on a wide range of topics.

Andrew Clark has been luckier than most budding designers, as his Doctor Who and The Flintstones sets were both chosen to become reality. He currently has three projects on the Ideas platform:

You’ll also find:

See all these designs and thousands more at the Lego Ideas website.