Bob Bell studio drawings for auction

On 12th February 2022, specialist collectables and memorabilia auctioneers Excalibur will be offering the second part of late author Simon Archer’s collection, including six drawings by series art director Bob Bell.

Bob worked on many of the Anderson TV productions and was art director and supervising art director on Thunderbirds Season 1 and 2 respectively, as well as on the Thunderbirds films.

The series of six pencil and watercolour sketches (lots 547 to 552) represents the evolution of the Supermarionation technique and featured in Gerry Anderson’s lecture tour in the 90s. Estimate is £200 to £400 for each lot.

The auction includes much, much more, and the full catalogue can be seen here.

Super Space Premiere!


Enjoy an exclusive taste of what’s in store on Network’s stunning Space: 1999 Super Space Theater Blu-ray box set!

Here’s the classic Destination Moonbase Alpha TV movie – but as you’ve never seen it before! Rebuilt from the high definition restorations created for the series itself, this feature-length adaptation of The Bringers Of Wonder two-parter is presented here as a widescreen special edition featuring enhanced special effects. With an exclusive new introduction by David Hirsch (mastermind behind the original Super Space Theater shows) and Tim Mallett from Kindred Productions (mastermind behind the new restorations), it’s an event no self-respecting Space: 1999 fan can afford to miss!

The movie will be free for everyone with a Network On Air account to watch from 7pm on Tuesday 25th January until 7pm 1st February.

Click here for more.

New ‘must-have’ Space:1999 book!

Extensively trailed in Fanderson Podcast 8, Telos Publishing has announced their forthcoming ‘must have’ book for all Space:1999 fans.

To Everything That Might Have Been: The Lost Universes of Space: 1999 is written by David Hirsch and Robert E Wood with the series’ story consultant Christopher Penfold. The book “delves deep into the early days and development of the show, includes details from recently discovered documentation and correspondence to provide the most detailed view yet of exactly how Space:1999 came to be and how it developed”.

More details as they become available.



Super special offer on Super Space Theater

Wanting to gen up on the Super Space Theater films whilst you await Network‘s Blu-ray Disc package at the end of the month? Why not get ready by reading the background story of the 13 SST films, and maybe even decorate your room with the beautiful cover art prints?

It’s all in our Super Space Theater book and art print pack – at a super special offer price for January!

Christmas TV – not EastEnders again!

At a loss for some quality seasonal television from the broadcasters this Christmas? Why not dig out the TVTimes special that we mailed with FAB last year (and again recently for new members)?

Surround yourself with some treats and a little something to wash it all down, then feast out all day on the very best seasonal Gerry and Sylvia Anderson entertainment (and remember, Stingray A Christmas To Remember is just one of the many programmes now available in high definition).

PS – Obviously, but just in case anyone thought otherwise, in the supplement the 40th Anniversary Quiz closed on 31st January 2021, and Six-Five Special offers were valid until 14th February 2021!

Space:1999 helmet from Sixteen 12

Sixteen 12, the diecast models and collectibles specialist, has announced the summer 2022 release of their replica Space:1999 helmets.

Limited to just 200 copies worldwide, the full-size scale replica features:

  • hinged visor
  • handmade in fibreglass, with authentic details and fully lined interior
  • display stand
  • aluminium plaque featuring unique individual edition number
  • Koenig, Russell, Carter or Maya labelling

RRP is £299.99, but early-bird ordering opens on 14th January 2022. See more at

PRE-ORDER: Space:1999 Super Space Theater Blu-rays!

Network have announced a superb new Super Space Theater Blu-ray Disc boxset!

In the late-70s/early-80s ITC (capitalising on the success of Star Wars) edited episodes of several Gerry and Sylvia Anderson productions to create what would ultimately become thirteen full-length movies for cable and home video under the banner Super Space Theater. The four made from episodes of Space:1999 – Alien Attack, Journey Through The Black Sun, Cosmic Princess and Destination Moonbase Alpha are being released in a Blu-ray Disc boxset from Network.

All four movies can be watched in their original 4:3 aspect ratio or in a new 16:9 widescreen special edition. Extra features include (dependant on the film) original episode or movie soundtrack, trailers and original titles. The boxset also includes Spazio 1999 – the Italian cinema edit, eschewing the original Barry Gray score for one by Ennio Morricone.

With delivery expected from 31st January 2022, the boxset is available for pre-order now for just £40 (rising to £50 in January).

FAB: Incoming on runway 99!

Have there really been 99 issues of FAB magazine? Yep, we’ve popped FAB 99 in the post today!

In this issue:

  • Inspecting Morse – Ian Fryer’s examination of Barry Morse’s seven decade career
  • Love it? Hate it? Chris Drake is affected by the lambda variant as he takes a look at Space:1999 The Lambda Factor
  • Alistair McGown goes back in time to Blackpool in 1977 to recover Gerry Anderson’s Space City exhibition from his personal memory bank
  • John Wilkinson takes a trip round the UK to see when Anderson shows were first seen in colour in the various ITV regions
  • Jonathan Baxter loves Lady Penelope so much that he surrounds himself with her various Tracy Lounge portraits
  • club members give their views on Joe 90 Project 90 in our regular Timelash column, with an exclusive cutaway painting of the Darota Clinic by artist Graham Bleathman
  • Alistair McGown looks at the life and career of Joe 90 Project 90‘s director – Peter Anderson
  • the fifth part of our exclusive Thunderbirds Are Go photo-strip by Jonathan Baxter
  • obituaries to Shaun Whittacker-Cook and George Gibbs
  • take a look through Lady Penelope’s wardrobe in our competition
  • plus FAB news, FAB Mail and more

With this FAB we’ve mailed a third set of our 40 FAB Years picture cards. Stick with us and by the end of the year you should have a full set (and an album to put them all in – photo corners/Gloy gum not included)!

FAB 99 also sees the second wave of deliveries of our 2021 membership gift – the oft-requested 7″ Barry Gray EPs from 1986 and 1988, together on our exclusive new CD! We can only give this CD away as part of our membership package, so if you get a renewal notice with FAB 99, make sure you renew by the date given on it so that you don’t miss out!

This mailing also includes your 40th anniversary badge, which we stupidly missed out of the FAB 98 mailing!

If you were late renewing your membership, and so haven’t been included in the FAB 99 mailing, we haven’t forgotten you. Your membership will re-start with FAB 100.

Mail is still being affected by the pandemic, so please be patient whilst your FAB 99 wings its way to you. Amazingly, we know from experience that members living in the same town can receive their packages days apart! Nonetheless, if you’re worried your package might have gone missing in the post (having allowed a reasonable amount of time), please check our Shipping And Returns page before contacting us.

Anyone who missed FAB 98 can now buy it as a back issue, and last year’s membership item – Century 21 Complete Puppet Catalogue – is also now available to buy in the Shop.

How to get FAB magazine? Join Fanderson!

FAB magazine is available exclusively to Fanderson club members – we usually publish three times a year, and do our very best to make each issue a joy to read for every fan – regardless of your favourite Anderson series!


Sixteen12 KitBrix Eagle Transporter cancelled

UPDATE: Sixteen12 have confirmed that due to poor pre-orders as of 25th November 2021, this line has been cancelled and will not go into production.

Premium die-cast model makers Sixteen12 have announced the first in their new line of KitBrix construction sets.

This highly detailed brick construction system enables you to create vehicles and playsets from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s Space:1999Eagle Transporter:

  • completed model over 25″ (60cm) long
  • over 3000 pieces!
  • full colour step-by-step instruction booklet, guiding you through building one section at a time
  • Alan Carter and Commander Koenig figures – exclusive to this set
  • removable passenger pod with full play interior
  • cockpit interior detail and seating for figures
  • self-adhesive vinyl decals for enhanced decoration
  • moonbuggy included
  • skill level 16 +

Recommended retail price is £199.99, but order within the eight weeks early bird pre-ordering and get 10% off! Shipping is expected March 2022.

KitBrix is compatible with all leading brand construction systems so you can expand and build even bigger creations, add accessories, and recreate scenes from Space:1999. Whether it’s launching an Eagle Transporter to intercept an approaching Mark IX Hawk (coming soon) or controlling operations from the heart of Moonbase Alpha’s Main Mission, (coming soon) you control the action!