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Following on from Polystyle’s 1971 UFO Annual comes the long-awaited 1972 Annual!

This glossy, full colour, hardback book contains features about the UFO series and various aspects of the SHADO organisation, a look at the then-future of 1980, SHADO entrance exam papers, an interview with series star Ed Bishop, two brand-new stories featuring your favourite characters and three brand-new, exclusive cutaways.

Perfect to go under the tree for a loved one this Christmas!

84 pages, A4, full colour hardback book.

4 reviews for ANNUAL: UFO 1972

  1. 11620 Liam Mahony

    Well done to all involved in producing this high quality annual for (IMHO) Gerry Anderson’s greatest series and one of the greatest science fiction shows of all time. This 1972 UFO Annual has been a long time coming but it was definitely well worth the wait.

    It arrived on 14 September, plenty of time before the anniversary and it’s everything I hoped it would be. It’s actually written as if UFO had only recently been aired and hopes were high for a follow up series – just how you’d expect an annual produced in 1972 to be. Lovely quality and packed full of photos, interviews and information on the series. The only criticism (and it is a very tiny criticism) is that it’s a different size to the 1971 Annual. It’s much taller and a bit wider. Would be nice if they matched on the bookshelf, but other than that, it’s worth every penny!

    I really hope they don’t stop with this one – don’t want to have to wait for the 100th Anniversary for the 1973 Annual.!

  2. 2443 Griff Wason

    I could not have put it any better myself. Absolutely FANTASTIC work. Congratulations to ALL involved in creating this wonderful UFO Annual 1972. As mentioned, UFO was, is and always will be the greatest TV Series ever made, and to say THANKYOU to Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and ALL their great and fantastic team is a HUGE understatement… Thank you ALL; you are heroes!!!

  3. 11925 Martin Leybourne

    Simply outstanding!

  4. John Leach

    Terrific! My only disappointment was the ommission of any illustrated stories (the like of which, of course,appeard in the pages of ‘Countdown’).

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