Santa’s coming a little early…

Santa’s sack is full to busting with FAB Annuals and FAB Express magazines for all Fanderson members! He’s having to start his rounds early!

Our winter mailing was completed today, so FAB Express 105 and FAB Annual 2024 should soon start landing in current members’ homes (we can now start putting them in packages for new members too). Hopefully most, if not all, club members will receive their packages in time for Christmas.

Of course, when we publish a new magazine the previous issue is added to Fanderson Sales to buy, so members can now get FAB Express 104, and those who want to buy a second (or more) copy of FAB Annual 2023 can get them now. As the mailing has been a little later than we planned, we’ve extended our Annual Affair promotion until the end of December too.


Please ensure you order in good time for Christmas, and see the various additional postage options available with merchandise orders.


UPDATED: Let’s make it an Annual Affair!

UPDATED 23/11/23: Offer extended to end of December

As we prepare our winter mailing to all club members, we can now make remaining stocks of FAB Annual 2023 available to buy, just in time for Christmas.

And to really make it a Christmas to remember, until the end of November December we’ve got two great offers for you:

See all six items here. Just be sure to apply the relevant coupon code at checkout before you pay.

OFFER TERMS AND CONDITIONS (in addition to our standing Ts&Cs)

  • Discount will be applied to items as detailed above in the same transaction.
  • Apply either coupon code AnnualAffair3 or AnnualAffair6 before you pay to get the relevant discount detailed above.
  • Members must apply the coupon code themselves to get the discount. It cannot be applied after you have paid, and we cannot apply it retroactively.
  • This is an online-only offer. It cannot be redeemed via the post.
  • This offer ends on 30th November 2023, though Fanderson reserves the right to close the offer early.

Easter Egg Hunt auction and raffle winners

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the freebies and offers in our Easter Egg Hunt over the last couple of weeks, and to everyone who bid in the charity auction, or bought tickets in the charity raffle.

We’re delighted to report that Kouichi Miyazaki bid the highest for the Terrahawks soundtrack CD, and Mrs LM Jones has won the Thunderbirds ‘Hackenbacker’ watch.

Both prizes will be on their way to the lucky winners in the next few days.

UK: Fanderson to again sponsor Anderson On Film

Fanderson is the proud sponsor once again of the Anderson On Film presentation as part of the Southend Film Festival, enabling fans to enjoy Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s work with other fans this summer… on film!

In this digital world it’s easy to watch programmes on your phone, to stream, or even to watch from DVD or Blu-ray Disc. This year’s Southend Film Festival gives Anderson fans a chance to have that collective experience of watching with fellow fans, thanks to the beauty that is celluloid film!

This year’s programme of Anderson goodies on 11th June 2023 – all on the big screen and all shown from 16mm film – includes:

  • Thunderbirds The Uninvited
  • Joe 90 See You Down There
  • Terrahawks Expect The Unexpected – extended version, only previously seen as part of the compilation feature presentation

The popular Southend Film Festival has been running for fourteen years in two parts – as well as the main festival, the Film Festival Fringe encourages various venues around Southend to put on film screenings. The festival’s patrons are actors Ray Winstone, Vicki Michelle and Phil Davis, and you can see more at (the website is in the process of being updated for 2023).

Fanderson is delighted to be able to support fan-organised events such as this. If you need help or support with your Anderson event, please drop us a line at

35% off Network Blu-ray Discs

Network are offering 35% off a selection of their high definition titles on Blu-ray Disc in their latest HD35 promotion.

The selection includes loads of classic British TV and film, and for Anderson fans the titles of most interest are likely to be Fireball XL5 A Day In The Life Of A Space General (colourised), Joe 90, UFOUltimate Space:1999Terrahawks, and New Captain Scarlet,

The promotion ends at 16:00 on Tuesday 18th April, so go shopping now by clicking this link to see all titles in Network’s HD35 promotion.

Network’s August BOGOF now on!

The UK’s top cult TV and film home video label, Network, has another ‘buy one, get one free’ offer this weekend!

Until 16:00 on Wednesday 31st August if you buy one of the 100 selected titles on DVD, you get another free (cheapest item will be free).

Fanderson members will be mostly interested in Fireball XL5, Space:1999Space Precinct, Supercar and Terrahawks. However, those looking for something a little left-field might enjoy Space:1999 co-stars Barry Morse and Catherine Schell supporting Gene Barry in The Adventurer!

You can see all titles in the promotion here.

35% off Network Blu-ray Discs

Network are offering 35% off a selection of their high definition titles on Blu-ray Disc in their HD35 promotion.

The selection includes loads of classic British TV and film, and for Anderson fans the titles of most interest are likely to be Fireball XL5 A Day In The Life Of A Space GeneralCaptain Scarlet And The MysteronsJoe 90Space:1999 Year OneTerrahawks, New Captain Scarlet and (yes, we know it’s not an Anderson producion!) Space Patrol.

The promotion ends at 16:00 on Monday 6th June, so go shopping now by clicking this link to see all titles in Network’s HD35 promotion.

UK: The Footage Detectives look at the work of Denise Bryer

Talking Pictures TV is a British free-to-air vintage film and nostalgia television channel. Their regular Footage Detectives slot on 6th March 2022, looks at the life and career of Denise Bryer. Denise was, amongst many others, the voice of Twizzle in The Adventures Of Twizzle, Martha Jones in Four Feather Falls, Mary Falconer in Terrahawks and Dr Julie Sigmund in GFI (of which only one episode is known to have been completed and still exists). Beyond Anderson productions, she voiced Makara in Star Fleet, The Junk Lady in Labyrinth, Kiki the frog in Hector’s House, and more.

In each episode of Footage Detectives, producer/editor (and founder of Talking Pictures TV) Noel Cronin talks all things film with musician and disc jockey Mike Read. Also in the 6th March edition will be a look at Torquay in the 50s/60s, a plea to help Nettlefold Studios and a look at the studios history, viewers’ letters about the Humphries Film Labs short film, viewers’ findings from a No Hiding Place ‘Jigsaw’ and an ‘unknown reel’.

Talking Pictures TV is available in the UK on Freeview 82, Freesat 306, Sky 328 or Virgin Media 445, and they’ve recently launched their Encore streaming service too.

If you know of an Anderson (or Anderson-related) production being broadcast, anywhere in the world, please email details to so we can share the news!

Bob Bell studio drawings for auction

On 12th February 2022, specialist collectables and memorabilia auctioneers Excalibur will be offering the second part of late author Simon Archer’s collection, including six drawings by series art director Bob Bell.

Bob worked on many of the Anderson TV productions and was art director and supervising art director on Thunderbirds Season 1 and 2 respectively, as well as on the Thunderbirds films.

The series of six pencil and watercolour sketches (lots 547 to 552) represents the evolution of the Supermarionation technique and featured in Gerry Anderson’s lecture tour in the 90s. Estimate is £200 to £400 for each lot.

The auction includes much, much more, and the full catalogue can be seen here.

Save up to 60% on hundreds of Network titles

Network’s winter sale includes over 280 DVD, Blu-ray Discs and Soundtracks with up to 60% off.

Of particular interest to Fanderson members still to complete their collections will be Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, Crossroads To Crime, Joe 90, Terrahawks, Space Precinct, New Captain Scarlet and The Adventures Of Rupert Bear, made by Mary Turner and John Read after the Supermarionation productions closed.