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UK: Fanderson to again sponsor Anderson On Film

Fanderson is the proud sponsor once again of the Anderson On Film presentation as part of the Southend Film Festival, enabling fans to enjoy Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s work with other fans this summer… on film!

In this digital world it’s easy to watch programmes on your phone, to stream, or even to watch from DVD or Blu-ray Disc. This year’s Southend Film Festival gives Anderson fans a chance to have that collective experience of watching with fellow fans, thanks to the beauty that is celluloid film!

This year’s programme of Anderson goodies on 11th June 2023 – all on the big screen and all shown from 16mm film – includes:

  • Thunderbirds The Uninvited
  • Joe 90 See You Down There
  • Terrahawks Expect The Unexpected – extended version, only previously seen as part of the compilation feature presentation

The popular Southend Film Festival has been running for fourteen years in two parts – as well as the main festival, the Film Festival Fringe encourages various venues around Southend to put on film screenings. The festival’s patrons are actors Ray Winstone, Vicki Michelle and Phil Davis, and you can see more at (the website is in the process of being updated for 2023).

Fanderson is delighted to be able to support fan-organised events such as this. If you need help or support with your Anderson event, please drop us a line at