UK: Thunderbirds Are Go on Film4

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s 1966 feature film Thunderbirds Are Go will be broadcast in the UK on Film4 (and a hour later on Film4+1).

Thunderbirds Are Go will be shown on Film4 at:

  • 12:50 on Sunday, 22nd May

Film4 (+1) is available in the UK on Freeview/Youview 14 (46), Freesat 300 (301), Sky 313 (314) or Virgin Media 428 (429).

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AUS: Stingray on DVD

Australia’s cult and classic film and television label Via Vision is releasing Stingray, albeit only on DVD, unlike Network’s recent Blu-ray Disc release.

For AU$69.95 (but currently on an introductory offer at AU59.95) this Complete Series set includes all 39 episodes across five discs, with special features:

  • stills gallery
  • character biographies
  • Gerry Anderson commentaries on episodes Stingray and Stand By For Action.

Also unlike Network’s BR set, this is ViaVision’s fourth DVD release to proudly acknowledge the series’ co-creator on the front cover, as “Gerry And Sylvia Anderson’s Stingray″, following similar treatment on Fireball XL5, Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons and Joe 90.

Sold! Captain Scarlet end titles paintings up for auction (updated)

Two of Ron Embleton’s original end title paintings for Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons are included in Bonhams’ Rock, Pop & Film Online auction on 4th May 2022.

Both lots are around 54x38cm, painted in gouache and watercolour on paper, then mounted on board:

  • Lot 78 – Artwork board No.1 shows Scarlet struggling in swamp, reaching for a creeper with his left hand. This item includes with acetate overlay sheet marked to show the close-up crop marks for the credits sequence. Sold for £16,575 inc. premium (sold for £3,055 in 2002)
  • Lot 79 – Artwork Board No.7 depicts Captain Scarlet in a chamber bracing himself against advancing spiked walls. Sold for £21,675 inc. premium (sold for £3,995 in 2002)

Comic-strip artist Ron Embleton (1930-1988) is celebrated as a definitive portrayer of Captain Scarlet. In 1965 Embleton joined TV Century 21, where he illustrated 67 Stingray comic strips before producing work on Captain Scarlet. These paintings are part of a series of ten executed by Embleton, seen in the end title sequence at the end of each episode of Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons. Each scene shows Captain Scarlet seemingly in grave peril, with others depicting a giant cobra, sharks, and a tank. By 1968 Embleton had left the comic but continued to produce illustrations for Anderson merchandise.

Both items were previously sold in the TV Generation auction at Christie’s, London in 2002.

Network are about to launch Stingray!

Network are offering Stingray fans the chance to watch yet another episode in high definition – free of charge!

Although we’ve all got to wait a little longer than planned for the complete series on Blu-ray Disc, Network are teasing us with the episode Deep Heat (having already shown us Treasure Down Below and A Christmas To Remember late last year). Not only that, but Deep Heat will be shown alongside a new documentary We Are About To Launch Stingray.

Enjoying this free treat couldn’t be easier:

  1. Create a free account at
  2. On Wednesday 6th April, login from 18:50 (BST), then go to the We Are About To Launch Stingray page to watch the special presentation in HD.
  3. The programme will be free to watch again and again until 07:00 on Thursday April 7th.

AUS: Fireball XL5 on DVD

Closely following their DVD releases of Joe 90 and Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, Australia’s cult and classic film and television label Via Vision is releasing the 1962 black and white series Fireball XL5.

For AU$59.95 (but currently on an introductory offer at AU$49.95) this Complete Series set includes all 39 episodes across five discs.

This is also the third of Via Vision’s releases to proudly acknowledge the series co-creator on the front cover, as “Gerry And Sylvia Anderson’s Fireball XL5″.

Will Network follow Via Vision’s lead and do the right thing when Stingray is released on Blu-ray Disc next month?

UK: Space:1999 on London Live

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s second live action sci-fi series, Space:1999, returns to the UK’s local London Live channel from Sunday 20th February 2022.

Space:1999 will be shown:

  • Sundays at 19:00
  • Fridays at 17:00
  • Saturdays at 09:00

London Live is available in the UK on Freeview/YouView 8 (from London transmitters), Sky 117 or Virgin Media 159.

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UK: UFO on Forces TV

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s UFO is showing again on Forces TV in the UK from Saturday 26th February 2022.

The series is being shown as double-bills at 22:00 on both Saturdays and Sundays, with repeats as single episodes on weekdays around 22:00.

Forces TV is available in the UK on Freeview/Youview 96, Freesat 165, Sky 181 and Virgin 274.

If you know of an Anderson production being broadcast, anywhere in the world, please email details to so we can share the news!

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Another great new Space:1999 book? Really?

Hot on the heels of To Everything That Might Have Been and Space:1999 The Vault, Powys Media’s Earthfall is proving it’s a bumper time for Space:1999 books!

A hellbroth born of the Earth’s atomic waste and the Universe’s own fury propels the men and women of Moonbase Alpha into a dimension where the familiar is torn away and the unimaginable awaits. Newly-assigned Commander John Koenig must lead the orphaned colony as they seek to adapt and survive with little hope of ever finding a new home.

Originally published in 1977, then reprinted by Fanderson in 2002, Powys Media is adding E.C. Tubb’s re-imagining of the cataclysmic event of September 13, 1999 and its consequences to their extensive Space:1999 range of books.

Here, the Moon and its inhabitants not only leave Earth’s orbit, but time and space are shifted towards the fantastic. In the new dimension where they find themselves, a single flinch can cost a man his life, lunar caverns hold a secret as mysterious as the pyramids of ancient Egypt, and the Alphans must face the reality that the greatest threat to their continued existence may come from within.

And looming above, a great black void pulls them and a new generation of Alphans into the maw of what may be their very destruction.

Powys Media’s Earthfall can be ordered here.

2022 Annual General Meeting: Voting now open!

Fanderson’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a chance for the committee to report on the club’s status and respond to members’ questions, thoughts and suggestions.

All club members are welcome to join the AGM and, to give as many members as possible the opportunity to be involved, Fanderson’s next Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held virtually, at midday (GMT) on Saturday 5th March 2022.

The deadline for questions or registering to attend the AGM is Saturday 26th February 2022. For security purposes, if you’d like to attend please email, including:

  • your full name
  • your Fanderson membership number
  • your post code

We will send you a link to the AGM by reply to your email, after 26th February. Members will have the option to not appear on camera. The meeting will be minuted, as usual, but not recorded.

Voting on the following proposal is now open online until 26th February 2022, in order for results to be verified and available at the AGM:

  1. Various amendments to the club’s Constitution, mainly for clarity purposes.
    1. Click here for the proposed version with changes shown.
    2. Fanderson members can vote here.