ITC Entertained The World Podcasts

Fans of the wider ITC catalogue beyond the Anderson productions are sure to be interested in the ITC Entertained The World podcast.

Host Jaz Wiseman is joined by Rodney Marshall and Al Samujh to discuss a single series or film in each issue. Each lasting around an hour, there are 11 in the series already, featuring The Baron, Danger Man, Gideon’s Way, Hammer House Of Horror, Man In A Suitcase, The Persuaders! The SaintStrange ReportThe Zoo Gang and the feature film The Tamarind Seed.

They’re all available from the link above, or your can subscribe on iTunes or Google podcast store.

Virtual AGM – 27th March 2021

Fanderson’s 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) is today.

You can hear the facts and figures right now in a special podcast, in which host Ros Connors is joined by Fanderson chairman Nick Williams and designer/FAB co-editor Mike Jones to also get answers to members’ questions.

The club committee will also be available live on the Fanderson Forum today 12:00-13:00 UK time to answer any further questions.




Podcast 8 – Space:1999 special

Click here for Podcast 8.

THIS EPISODE: By popular demand, a Space:1999 special!

Christopher Penfold (Space:1999 Story Consultant and Scriptwriter) joins Ros, along with writer/journalist/editor David Hirsch and author Robert E Wood in a Space:1999 special. Plus more from the archive with Barry Morse recounting his time on the series.

There’s a link to all the podcasts in the menu bar above, or click here.

You can also subscribe to Fanderson podcasts at the iTunes and Google podcast stores.

Whatever happened to FAB 1?

In Thunderbirds, it’s assumed FAB 1 met a fiery end during the crash of Skyship One. Sadly, real life is proving to be just as shocking!

Fanderson members will remember the full-size replica FAB 1 built by Melvin Jarvis, which was a star attraction at the club’s Countdown To Disaster convention in 2005 (pictured above) and was also at Gerry Anderson’s funeral in 2013. Recently, Melvin has been dealing with serious personal issues including a suspected arson attack, culminating in FAB 1 being pretty much completely burned out.


The good news is that Melvin’s already been able to get FAB 1 sandblasted (below) so she’s in a fit state to be rebuilt, after which he’s determined she’ll be “better and more film accurate than before”. He’s planning to share the story online soon, complete with monthly progress videos, which we’ll of course share just as soon as that happens.

Martin Roberts on Celebrity Mastermind this Saturday

Television presenter Martin Roberts will be one of the contestants on the BBC’s Celebrity Mastermind quiz this coming Saturday.

Martin is the proud owner of the policeman puppet Slim from the Thunderbirds episode Martian Invasion. He was a surprise guest at Fanderson’s The Future Is Fantastic! convention in 2015, where he mingled with hundreds of other Anderson fans and was thrilled to meet Sylvia Anderson.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Martin’s specialist subject on the quiz will be Thunderbirds!

Celebrity Mastermind will be on BBC One on Saturday 6th Feb at 7pm, and available afterwards on BBC iPlayer.

[picture: Thunderbirds fan Martin Roberts at Fanderson’s The Future Is Fantastic! convention in 2015 with Martin Roberts fan, Lynn Simpson]

Podcast 7 available now!

Let’s start a happy new year…

Click here for Podcast 7.

THIS EPISODE: David Stoner (Director of Label and Licensing at Silva Screen) and Tim Mallett (producer and editor) discuss soundtrack albums, and actor, presenter and former Chief Scout Peter Duncan remembers his guest spot on Space:1999 The Exiles.

There’s a link to all the podcasts in the menu bar above, or click here.

FAB 96 has been posted

We’re delighted to report that FAB 96 was mailed to all members around the world on 25th November. It started to land in UK members’ homes on the 30th, and we hope will be with all members in time for Christmas. Please check our post update before contacting us.

Included in this issue:

  • Andrew Pixley’s in-depth look at The Secret Service, and why the series was doomed even without Lew Grade’s critical reaction
  • members give their views on Thunderbirds 30 Minutes After Noon in our regular Timelash column, with exclusive Glen Carrick Castle cutaway by Graham Bleathman
  • Ian Wheeler’s critical assessment of whether Gerry Anderson should be considered a puppet master or master dramatist
  • the third part of Jeff Smart’s recollections of recording the A&E DVD commentaries, including The Secret Service, The Protectors and Terrahawks, and how these then led on to featurettes for Shout! Factory’s releases in 2015
  • the third part of our look at UFO in Countdown and TV Action comics, by Ian Fryer
  • the second part of our exclusive Thunderbirds Are Go photo-strip by Jonathan Baxter
  • FAB news, FAB noticeboard, FAB Review, FAB Mail and more

Also, being mailed so close to what will, for many of us, be a quite unusual Christmas, we’ve included a couple of little seasonal goodies that we hope will make you smile.

Hundreds more members (those who have renewed their membership since FAB 95) will also receive the fantastic Century 21 Complete Puppet Catalogue – our current membership gift. Don’t worry if your membership expires with FAB 96 – as long as we receive your renewal by 1st February 2021 we’ll mail your copy with FAB 97 in the spring.

OOPS! The eagle-eyed among you will notice a small mistake in the ‘rest of the world’ price for The Secret Service soundtrack CD. Rest assured, our shop has the correct price.

How to get FAB magazine? Join Fanderson!

FAB magazine is available exclusively to Fanderson club members – we publish three times a year, and we do our very best to make each issue a joy to read for every fan – regardless of your favourite series!

Once again, we’re mailing FAB magazine in a 100% compostable bag, made from potato and maize starch. 

Don’t throw it in your bin, but check with your local recycling and either:

  • put it in your home composter
  • put it in with your garden waste, or
  • use it to line your food waste caddy

Support Lego Ideas Thunderbird 1 too!

Hot on the heels of his Lego Ideas Thunderbird 2 project, Andrew Clark also has Thunderbird 1 awaiting your support.

You can see more and pledge your support by clicking here.

Lego Ideas was set up so that budding Lego set designers could see their design made into sets that we could all buy. Fans can click to support the designs they like and, if a project gets over 10,000 supporters, it goes on to be assessed by the Lego team as a potential set.

Since Lego Ideas was set up in 2010 (as Lego Cuusoo), 35 sets have been produced on a wide range of topics. Andrew Clark has been luckier than most budding designers, as his Doctor Who and The Flintstones sets were both chosen to become reality.

You can see more Anderson designs on the Lego Ideas site.