CHARITY DONATION: Supercar and Fireball XL5 soundtrack CD



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This is the first ever Fanderson soundtrack CD, produced in 1998.

The ‘complete’ version, including jewel case, inlay and booklet, has long been out of print. This disc is offered in a simple plastic wallet, and you can download and print this simple wrap-around liner (mimicking the original front and back of the ‘complete’ version) as required.



1 Supercar (series one title song) Performed by Mike Sammes (0:45)

2 Fanfare and Celestial Theme (1:14)

3 Pleasant Theme (0:51)

4 Mike’s Theme (1:10)

5 Here Comes Supercar (1:10)

6 Dr Horatio Beaker (0:58)

7 All That Jazz (from King Kool) (1:38)

8 12 Bar Blues (unused track from King Kool) (1:14)

9 Suite From Precious Cargo (3:12)

10 Zizi’s Song (from The Day Time Stood Still) Performed by Sylvia Anderson (1:00)

11 Suite From Jail Break (1 :35)

12 Commercial Break Sting (0:09)

13 City Lights Theme (0:55)

14 High Orbit (from What Goes Up) (0:47)

15 Batonga Theme (from Hi-Jack) (1 :09)

16 Overseas Suite (3:32)

    1. a) Jungle & Redskin (from Amazonian Adventure)
    2. b) Chinese Et Far East (from The Talisman Of Sargon)
    3. c) Eastern Mixture (from The Talisman Of Sargon)

17 Race Against Time (from Operation Superstork) (1 :17)

18 Masterspy Theme (1110)

19 Happy Flying (1:29)

20 Mitch Marching (0:31)

21 The Icing On The Cake (from The Day Time Stood Still) (0:24)

22 A Boy’s Best Friend (1:12)

23 Heidi’s Waltz (from The Day Time Stood Still) (1:22)

24 Hi-Jack (from Hi-Jack) (1:54)

25 Sons Of Happy Hearts (1:07)

26 The Beakette Danube (from The Day Time Stood Still) (1:39)

27 Happy Birthday, Mike (Suite from The Day Time Stood Still) (2:58)

28 Supercar Saves The Day (from Space For Mitch) (1:28)

29 Supercar (series two title song) Performed by The Mike Sammes Singers (0:44)



30 Space City Television Ident (from Space City Special) (0:11)

31 Fireball Launch ft Zero G (opening titles) (1118)

32 Exploring The Tanker (from Hypnotic Sphere) (2:12)

33 Subterrain Countdown (from Planet 46) (0:56)

34 This Is The Twist! (from Space Monster) (1 :39)

35 Aphros’ Theme (from Prisoner On The Lost Planet) (1 :28)

36 Hypnotic Theme (from Hypnotic Sphere) (2: 10)

37 The Fish Man Cometh (from XL5 To H20) (1 :03)

38 Circus Band (from Flying Zodiac) (2:30)

39 Ice Skating Waltz (from Drama At Space City) (2:29)

40 Out Of Control (from Space Magnet) (1 :22)

41 Formula 5 (from The Doomed Planet) (0:56)

42 Cactus Kid Of California State (from 1875) (1 :33)

43 Flat Jazz (from Flight To Danger) (0:46)

44 Robert The Sword Swallower (from Flying Zodiac) and Mat Pursued (from Space Monster) (0:43)

45 Space City (from Space Magnet) (0:57)

46 XL5 In Pursuit (from The Doomed Planet) (0:55)

47 Travelling Light (from Space Vacation) (1:15)

48 Fireball To The Rescue (from Plant Man From Space) (2:00)

49 On Our Way ‘Ome (from Planet 46) (0:35)

50 Fireball (closing titles) Performed by Don Spencer (1:07)

51 Zero G (full version) Performed by Barry Gray And His Spacemakers (2:26)

52 Fireball (TV21 version) Performed by Ken Barrie And The Barry Gray Quintet (1:08)


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