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Composed and conducted by Barry Gray

Includes the opening themes to both series of Supercar, instrumental versions and fifteen episodic suites.

Full colour 20-page booklet contains track notes and details of recording session dates and musicians.

Approximate running time: 80 minutes

2 reviews for EXCLUSIVE SOUNDTRACK: Supercar

  1. 11952 Joanne Bishop

    Being a 1 disc wonder, I would recommend this soundtrack to all Fanderson members.

  2. 13140 Andrew Williams

    Satisfactory … Most Satisfactory. And also a most enjoyable CD. It has nearly all the music cues from each episode of Supercar, many of which went on to be fully or partly used in certain episodes of all of Anderson’s later following shows up to Space 1999. Unfortunately for whatever reason, the CD is missing my absolute favourite song from Supercar, Jimmy and Mitch’s piano and drum rendition of “All That Jazz” from the episode “King Kool”. Along with also missing Jimmy’s piano solo rendition and, King Kool and Jimmy’s slightly different piano and drums renditions of “All That Jazz”.

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