UPDATED: Let’s make it an Annual Affair!

UPDATED 23/11/23: Offer extended to end of December

As we prepare our winter mailing to all club members, we can now make remaining stocks of FAB Annual 2023 available to buy, just in time for Christmas.

And to really make it a Christmas to remember, until the end of November December we’ve got two great offers for you:

See all six items here. Just be sure to apply the relevant coupon code at checkout before you pay.

OFFER TERMS AND CONDITIONS (in addition to our standing Ts&Cs)

  • Discount will be applied to items as detailed above in the same transaction.
  • Apply either coupon code AnnualAffair3 or AnnualAffair6 before you pay to get the relevant discount detailed above.
  • Members must apply the coupon code themselves to get the discount. It cannot be applied after you have paid, and we cannot apply it retroactively.
  • This is an online-only offer. It cannot be redeemed via the post.
  • This offer ends on 30th November 2023, though Fanderson reserves the right to close the offer early.

Will you win the FAB Challenge?

Something we’ve been asked for many times over the years is now, thanks to club members Matthew Teevan and Mark Whyte, finally available – the exclusive FAB Challenge card game from Fanderson!

Easy to play, but fiendish to master, FAB Challenge presents 40 of the greatest vehicles from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s productions in a card game. Accompanying the brand-new vehicle artwork on each card is the FAB Spec & Tech, from which you must choose one item to beat your opponents and seize the hand!

LIMITED TIME INTRODUCTORY OFFER: We know that some members will want to play FAB Challenge with their friends and family, whilst keeping a set pristine (possibly unopened!). So, put two in your basket together and apply the coupon code FABChallenge before you pay and you’ll save £4! This offer will expire on 1st October 2023.

IMPORTANT: Members must apply the coupon code to get the discount. It cannot be applied after you have paid, and we cannot apply it retroactively.


[UK] UFO on HorrorXtra channel from 15th August

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s UFO is showing on HorrorXtra channel in the UK from Tuesday 15th August.

You can see UFO on HorrorXtra:

  • weeknights at 20:00
  • repeated next weekday at 16:00
  • Sundays at 17:00

HorrorXtra is available in the UK on Freeview 69, Freesat 138 (+1 on 139)Sky 317 (+1 on 318) and Virgin Media 171 (+1 on 371).

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35% off Network Blu-ray Discs

Network are offering 35% off a selection of their high definition titles on Blu-ray Disc in their latest HD35 promotion.

The selection includes loads of classic British TV and film, and for Anderson fans the titles of most interest are likely to be Fireball XL5 A Day In The Life Of A Space General (colourised), Joe 90, UFOUltimate Space:1999Terrahawks, and New Captain Scarlet,

The promotion ends at 16:00 on Tuesday 18th April, so go shopping now by clicking this link to see all titles in Network’s HD35 promotion.

UK: Anderson series now available free on ITV X

Many of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s classic productions are now available, free of charge, on ITV’s new streaming service ITV X. Anderson programmes owned by ITV are usually free of commercials on the platform.

All episodes are available of Supercar, Thunderbirds (including the crowdsourced ‘anniversary episodes’, Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, The Secret Service, UFO, The ProtectorsSpace:1999, Terrahawks and New Captain Scarlet.

For some reason, only selected episodes are available of Stingray and Joe 90, whilst Fireball XL5 isn’t there at all! Curiously, only selected episodes of ITV’s own 2015 reboot Thunderbirds Are Go are available.

ITV X is free to view, with most of the above content available ad-free too. There’s a free seven-day trial of the subscription Premium service (normally £5.99 a month) which offers even more content, all ad-free, with access to additional content over on BritBox.


The Anderson Collection – action figures from Big Chief Studios

Big Chief Studios have announced their first range of retro collector action figures, enabling fans to create their own miniature adventures.

Designed with collectors in mind, each 3.75 inch figure in The Anderson Collection sports five points of jointed articulation, authentic character likenesses and detailed costumes. Priced at a pocket-friendly £14.99 each, the figures are made for fans to build a collection, and with a far simpler product specification manufacturing lead times are drastically improved from their previous studio scale puppet replicas.

Collection 1 is due in December and includes Troy Tempest, Scott Tracy, Captain Scarlet, Joe McClaine, Ed Straker and John Koenig. Collection 2 will follow in 2023 and is due to include Lt George “Phones” Sheridan, Virgil Tracy, John Tracy, Captain Black, Lt Green and Alan Carter.

UK: Anderson series now free-to-view on ITV Hub

Having long been available to view in the UK on Britbox, many of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s classic productions are now available on the ITV Hub.

Fans can now watch Supercar, Fireball XL5 (selected episodes), Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, Joe 90 (selected episodes), The Secret Service, UFO, The Protectors and Space:1999. ITV’s own Thunderbirds Are Go reimagining is available too, along with the crowdsourced Thunderbirds anniversary episodes.

All are available free to view and ad-free, once the programme itself starts. Watching fully ad-free costs £3.99/month or £39.99/year, but there’s a free 7-day trial available (surely long enough for any die-hard fan to binge-watch the whole lot!).

Click on the link to go to the ITV Hub.

UK: Dolores Mantez in Rainbow City on BBC Four

UFO star Dolores Mantez can be seen in one of her earlier roles as a schoolteacher in Rainbow City, to be re-broadcast on BBC Four on Wednesday, 22nd June at 22:00.

Rainbow City is a groundbreaking BBC drama series from 1967 about the experience of the West Indian community living in and around Birmingham, featuring Errol John in the lead role.

Also of note in the cast is Clifton Jones (Space:1999‘s David Kano) and Ysanne Churchman, who voiced Sara Brown in 1962’s Sara And Hoppity as well as numerous voices (but particularly Marla and Cassiopeia) in Space Patrol (1966) – both for Roberta Leigh.

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