UK: Thunderbirds voted #19 TV theme!

Classic FM are asking listeners to vote for their favourite TV theme so that they can present the UK’s Top 50 favourite TV themes of all time!

Forget the sweeping strings of the Downton Abbey Suite, the cinematic splendour of the Blue Planet soundtrack, or even the foreboding opening music for The Crown. For Fanderson members there is only one contender – Barry Gray’s stirring theme to Thunderbirds!

VOTE NOW! By voting, you will be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win £500, an iPad or a Sony soundbar.

Voting closes at midnight on 23rd August, and Classic FM will reveal the Top 50 themes written for the small screen in Classic FM’s TV Music Countdown on Monday 30th August.

UPDATE 30th August: Thunderbirds came in at a respectable #19. See the full countdown here.

Space:1999 vinyl LPs delayed

We’ve just been advised by Silva Screen that they’ve been hit by supply issues on the two Space:1999 LPs. We don’t yet have revised release dates as yet but Silva Screen are estimating that they will have to be pushed back a month (to September).

The release date of the CD is unchanged, and is still expected to ship for 6th August as planned, whilst LPs that have been ordered will be shipped just as soon as stock is available.

New in the Shop: Space:1999 soundtracks from Silva Screen

Silva Screen has announced their latest Anderson soundtrack releases, and you can pre-order them now from us at a great price!

Space:1999 Year One vinyl double LP features a selection of Barry Gray’s best music from the series’ first season, with Derek Wadsworth’s music getting the same treatment in Space:1999 Year Two vinyl double LP. For those wanting CDs (especially as the club’s 3CD Year One boxset is now long out-of-print), Silva Screen have gathered both albums together into the Space:1999 double CD.

As usual, the albums have been produced by Tim Mallett of Kindred Productions (who also produces our own exclusive soundtracks) and designed by Fanderson’s designer and FAB co-editor Mike Jones.

As a not-for-profit club, we’re able to offer these stunning soundtrack albums (as well as other Silva Screen vinyl LPs) to members at a very competitive price.

Silva Screen’s Space:1999 soundtracks are due to arrive early-August.

Go shopping for these and much more right now!


Vinyl soundtrack albums now available in the Shop!

We’re delighted to announce that Silva Screen’s wonderful (and growing) collection of vinyl albums is now available for Fanderson members to buy in the Shop!

Until now, you’ll have only found products in the Fanderson shop that we’ve produced exclusively for our members. Products that we’ve had complete control over in terms of design, production and quality.

However, as Fanderson members have been so closely involved in the production of Silva Screen’s latest Anderson soundtrack releases, we’re proud to offer them to club members too!

Of course, for those who prefer CDs, we still have our own extensive range available in the Shop as well. Pop over to Soundtracks now to add the vinyl albums to your basket.


  • Vinyl albums will be despatched separately to other items you may buy in the same transaction.
  • UFO is due to be re-pressed at the end of the month, but we are taking orders now and will ship them as soon as we have stock.
  • Supercar is currently out of stock, but we’ll have it in the Shop just as soon as stock is available.