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New in the Shop: Space:1999 soundtracks from Silva Screen

Silva Screen has announced their latest Anderson soundtrack releases, and you can pre-order them now from us at a great price!

Space:1999 Year One vinyl double LP features a selection of Barry Gray’s best music from the series’ first season, with Derek Wadsworth’s music getting the same treatment in Space:1999 Year Two vinyl double LP. For those wanting CDs (especially as the club’s 3CD Year One boxset is now long out-of-print), Silva Screen have gathered both albums together into the Space:1999 double CD.

As usual, the albums have been produced by Tim Mallett of Kindred Productions (who also produces our own exclusive soundtracks) and designed by Fanderson’s designer and FAB co-editor Mike Jones.

As a not-for-profit club, we’re able to offer these stunning soundtrack albums (as well as other Silva Screen vinyl LPs) to members at a very competitive price.

Silva Screen’s Space:1999 soundtracks are due to arrive early-August.

Go shopping for these and much more right now!