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UPDATED: New Eagle documentary project on Kickstarter

UPDATED 9/10/23: Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 9 2023.

The Eagle Has Landed is a proposed new documentary all about Space:1999‘s iconic spacecraft, by film-maker Jeffrey Morris.

The documentary will follow Morris as he investigates the origins of the iconic vessel and the ongoing global impact of a unique moment in human history—when people walked on the Moon.

The Eagle has garnered millions of fans across the globe—including luminaries in the worlds of film and TV production, real science, and science fiction. Interviews have been confirmed with, from Space:1999, Eagle creator and Visual Effects Supervisor Brian Johnson, Dr Helena Russell actor Barbara Bain and Chief Eagle Pilot Alan Carter actor Nick Tate. Also confirmed are builder of 1/4-scale Eagle Jan Wenneberg, astronaut Charles Duke, author Kevin J Anderson, special effects supervisor Bill George and film-maker Robert Meyer Burnett.