FAB Tech & Spec – Doppelgänger

The Dove


No dimensions are given. But we see a space suited Glenn Ross boarding the craft while docked with the Phoenix spacecraft. The length has been derived by scaling a plan view of the ship – with wings deployed to these shots.


No weaponry is ever seen or discussed.


No speed is given. The Dove is a small spacecraft designed for re-entry, and it is logical to assume that under its own power it has limited speed.

FAB Factor

The Dove features in the unusual tale of twin worlds. It is used by astronaut Glenn Ross to try and return to his world, but this ultimately ends in disaster for both Ross and his mirror-image twin on the other planet. It’s a fine-looking lifting body aircraft, with the ability to take off vertically, but it holds no significant place in history.


No year or dates are stated. The world looks futuristic, with no contemporary hardware visible: telephones, cars and clothing all appear suitably futuristic, suggesting a near future, comparable maybe to UFO which is set in 1980.

In the interests of the overall gameplay,we propose the year be as 1983. This is similar to the time of UFO. We tried rationalising several things. Something between 1980 (UFO) and (Space:) 1999 feels sort of right. But for something tangible… Roy Thinnes was born in 1938. So, reversing this; making a mirror image of 38 is 83, This adds some texture to the game’s Year category!