Reply To: Annuals


Obviously you know the market better than anyone but from an outside perspective the UFO Annual 1972 seemed like such an obvious thing to try. Even if only for the nostalgia that those of us old enough to have got the first one when it originally came out would feel it seemed surefire.

I guess its a real long shot because of the format but the peak of Anderson annuals for me are the 2 years that the Joe 90 annuals came out in that lovely large size along with the TV21 & Captain Scarlet of those years too.
Sequels to all those with a mix of new features and old strips that need sprucing up would be heavenly but I guess the heavy covers and large format might make them a bit risky. But if the page count is the same I’d happily shell out £25-£30 to once again be back on Xmas morning 1969 and 1970 browsing one of those beauties.