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    Sad to see the end of FAB but rather than let it all gather dust in collections like mine how about a recycling program?.
    I’m guessing that reformatting old material takes less time than producing all new stuff so with the advent of the exciting sounding A4 hardback how about repackaging and improving some of the older content?
    Once or twice a year maybe give us another A4 hardback that presents previously printed FAB content newly improved.
    As nice as FAB was there was always something special about the A4 publications that popped up occasionally.

    I have all 100 issues but I’d certainly be interested in something like a 100 page A4 hardback that compiles all the UFO interviews and articles into one handy volume perhaps with improved quality or colour stills replacing ones that were originally B&W.

    In recent years there have been lots of reprints (mainly comics) reissued in high quality hardback volumes. Marvel do it and Gold Key and other vintage comics of the 60’s and 70’d have been reissued in this way.
    007 magazine routinely reissues stuff with improvements ( a bit too often really) so I think something similar for FAB would be a great supplement to the planned A4 hardback. With the live action shows back in vogue compilations for UFO and Space 1999 seem an obvious move. The UFO comic anthology seems to have done well so reissuing material from unavailable issues in a new improved format might be a way to keep the flame alive without needing as much time as brand new content.

    Entire volumes dedicated to a single show seems a nice idea.

    Just a thought!


    I’d welcome the opportunity to read any of the content from the first 60 editions of FAB. A reprint, compilation, best of, online edition… name it, I’d be there!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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