Keith Watson (1935-1994)

Keith Watson, Captain Scarlet comic strip artist for TV Century 21, has died aged 59. Watson was born in Ormesby, Middlesborough on 1st February 1935 and became one of the early artists of the enormously popular Dan Dare strip in The Eagle. Watson studied strip art under Dan Dare creator Frank Hampson and his successor Frank Bellamy before moving to work on TV Century 21 and Joe 90: Top Secret for which he drew strips for both Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons and Joe 90. Watson’s other work included Captain Condor in Lion, Crossbow in Hotspur and Roel Dijkstra in the Dutch comic Eppo. He later went on to illustrate Dan Dare once again for the new Eagle comic launched by IPC in 1982.

Originally published in FAB 15.