Dick Spanner

In a parallel universe to our own, wisecracking robot private detective Dick Spanner becomes involved in a series of increasingly bizarre cases.

Anderson Burr/Channel 4

Produced: 1986-87

First UK broadcast: 3rd May 1987

22 episodes x 6 minutes (alternative version: 4 episodes x 24 minutes)

Producers: Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr

Associate Producer: Bob Bell

Director: Steve Beggand Terry Adlam

Creative Supervision: Gerry Anderson

Photography: Steve Begg and Paddy Seale

Music Composed and Performed by Christopher Burr

Episodes List
1 The Case Of The Human Cannon Ball (11 parts)
2 The Case Of The Maltese Parrot (11 parts)
Cast List
Dick Spanner Shane Rimmer