Space Police

Lieutenant Chuck Brogan, commanding officer of Space Police Precinct 44 East, spearheads a successful campaign against organised crime on planet Zar XL5, but the villainous crimelord V. Lann intends to strike back by threatening the life of the President. As the President travels by monorail to Ultraville, V. Lann engineers the sabotage of the monorail’s drive section, sending the train speeding out of control. Brogan and his officers race against time to track down V. Lann and stop the President’s runaway train…

Anderson Burr

Produced: 1986

First UK broadcast: unbroadcast

1 episode x 52 minutes (alternative version: 1 episode x 25 minutes – 1989)

Producer: Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr

Associate Producer: Bob Bell

Director: Tony Bell

Lighting Cameramen: Alan Hume BSC, Harry Oakes BSC and Paddy Seale

Art Director: Mark Harris

Visual Effects Director: Steven Begg

Music: Christopher Burr and Gerry Anderson

Episodes List
1 Star Laws

Screenplay by Gerry Anderson and Tony Barwick

Directed by Tony Bell

Original Airdate: Not broadcast to date

Cast List
Lt. Chuck Brogan Shane Rimmer
Officer Cathy Costello Catherine Chevalier
Officer Bats Tina Werts
Officer Tom Christine Glanville/David Healy
Officer Harry Lyn Beardsall
Officer Dick Jan King
V. Lann Gary Martin
Other voices Desiree Erasmus, Tony Sibbald, Jeff Harding, Ian Tyler, Kate Harper, Peter Whitman, Kerry Shale