Supercar (Series Two)

The continuing adventures of the crew of Supercar, based at the Black Rock laboratory in the Nevada Desert in 1962.

AP Films/ATV Associated TeleVision/ITC

Produced: 1961-62

First UK broadcast: 4th February 1962

13 episodes x 25 minutes

Producer: Gerry Anderson

Director of Photography: John Read

Art Supervisor: Reg Hill

Production Supervisor: David Elliott

Lighting Cameraman: Ian Struthers

Dialogue Direction: Sylvia Anderson

Art Director: Bob Bell

Special Effects: Derek Meddings

Music Composed, Arranged and Conducted by Barry Gray

Episodes List
1 The Runaway Train
2 Precious Cargo
3 Operation Superstork
4 Hi-Jack
5 Calling Charlie Queen
6 Space For Mitch
7 The Sky's The Limit
8 70-B-Lo
9 Atomic Witch Hunt
10 Jail Break
11 The Day That Time Stood Still
12 Transatlantic Cable
13 King Kool
Cast List
Mike Mercury Graydon Gould
Professor Rudolph Popkiss Cyril Shaps
Dr. Horatio Beaker David Graham
Jimmy Gibson Sylvia Anderson
Mitch David Graham