Terrahawks (Series One)

In the year 2020, an elite fighting force, the Terrahawks, defend the Earth from Zelda and her androids, alien invaders who have settled on Mars.

Anderson Burr/LWT

Produced:  1983-84

First UK broadcast: 8th October 1983

26 episodes x 25 minutes

Producers: Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr

Associate Producer: Bob Bell

Directors: Alan Pattillo, Desmond Saunders, Tony Bell and Tony Lenny

Lighting Cameramen: Harry Oakes BSC and Paddy Seale

Art Director: Gary Tomkins

Special Effects Director: Steven Begg

Music Composed and Performed by Richard Harvey

Additional Music Composed by Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr

Episodes List
1 Expect The Unexpected
2 Expect The Unexpected Part 2
3 Gold
4 Thunder-Roar
5 Close Call
6 From Here To Infinity
7 Space Samurai
8 The Sporilla
9 Happy Madeday
10 Gunfight At Oaky's Corral
11 The Ugliest Monster Of All
12 The Gun
13 Thunder Path
14 Mind Monster
15 To Catch A Tiger
16 The Midas Touch
17 Operation S.A.S.
18 Ten Top Pop
19 Unseen Menace
20 A Christmas Miracle
21 Midnight Blue
22 Play It Again, Sram
23 My Kingdom For A ZEAF
24 Zero' Finest Hour
25 The Ultimate Menace
26 Ma's Monsters
Cast List
Dr. "Tiger" Ninestein Jeremy Hitchin
Zelda Denise Bryer
Captain Mary Falconer Denise Bryer
Yung-Star Ben Stevens
Sergeant Major Zero Windsor Davies
Cy-Star Anne Ridler
Lt. Hiro Jeremy Hitchin
Stew Dapples Ben Stevens
Captain Kate Kestrel Anne Ridler
Colonel Johnson Jeremy Hitchin
Lt. Hawkeye Ben Stevens
Dix-Huit Ben Stevens
Space Sergeant 101 Ben Stevens
HUDSON Ben Stevens