Terrahawks (Series One)

In the year 2020, an elite fighting force, the Terrahawks, defend the Earth from Zelda and her androids, alien invaders who have settled on Mars.

Anderson Burr/LWT

Produced:  1983-84

First UK broadcast: 8th October 1983

26 episodes x 25 minutes

Producers: Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr

Associate Producer: Bob Bell

Directors: Alan Pattillo, Desmond Saunders, Tony Bell and Tony Lenny

Lighting Cameramen: Harry Oakes BSC and Paddy Seale

Art Director: Gary Tomkins

Special Effects Director: Steven Begg

Music Composed and Performed by Richard Harvey

Additional Music Composed by Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr

Episodes List
1 Expect The Unexpected

Alien invaders destroy a NASA research station on Mars before setting up their own base on the planet. At Hawknest, the Terrahawks prepare to defend Earth when an energy source is detected approaching the planet, but the source evades the Zeroid defences aboard Spacehawk so Tiger dispatches Kate and Hawkeye in Hawkwing to intercept it as it enters the atmosphere. However, they are unable to make visual contact with the source and when Hawkeye opens fire, he hits nothing. Sergeant Major Zero tracks the source to a landing site 100 miles north of Bangkok so Battlehawk heads for the danger zone…

Written by Gerry Anderson

Directed by Alan Pattillo

Additional Voice Cast:

  • NASA Mars Expedition Anne Ridler
  • Zeroid 13 Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 8th October 1983 10.00am (Central)

2 Expect The Unexpected Part 2

101’s Zeroids completely destroy Zelda’s ship, Mary is released from her paralysis and Tiger reappears on board Terrahawk. He explains to Mary that he had a theory that if the ship was destroyed, Zelda’s power to hold him would also be destroyed. Back at Hawknest, the Terrahawks celebrate their success with a party, but then Hiro calls from Spacehawk to warn that Zelda is returning to Earth in her Hub ship. Claiming to be on a goodwill mission bringing a gift from her people, Zelda requests safe passage to Earth. Prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt, Tiger and Mary set off for the rendezvous point in Battlehawk, while Zelda prepares her ‘gift’ – a horde of Cubes…

Written by Gerry Anderson

Directed by Alan Pattillo

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Narrator Ben Stevens
  • Zeroid 35 Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 15th October 1983 10.00am (Central)

3 Gold

A meteorite enters Earth’s atmosphere, inexplicably changing course to fall on New York. Kate and Hawkeye intercept the meteorite in Hawkwing and deflect it from its course so that it lands in the desert. Believing that the meteor may not be a natural phenomenon, Tiger sends Zero and Zeroid 21 into the impact crater to investigate. There, 21 discovers a huge gold nugget which he believes is the humans’ God and, anticipating a promotion, Zero takes it back to Hawknest without Tiger’s knowledge. When the two Zeroids proudly display the nugget in the lounge for Tiger, Mary and Kate, Tiger suddenly realises that it is a bomb that could destroy Hawknest at any moment!

Written by Cubby Dreistein

Directed by Desmond Saunders

Additional Voice Cast:

  • TIM Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 26th July 1986 11.30am (ITV Network)

4 Thunder-Roar

Hiro tracks an unarmed alien ship piloted by Sram approaching Earth but as 101’s Zeroids open fire on it, Sram’s thunder-roar rocks Spacehawk, lifting it 45° and spoiling the Zeroids’ aim. Kate and Hawkeye race to intercept the craft but the thunder-roar sends Hawkwing spiralling out of control. Kate takes Hawkwing in again and Hawkeye opens fire, disabling Sram’s ship and bringing it crashing down into the desert. Tiger heads for the crash site in Battlehawk and drops the Battletank to examine the wreckage, but Sram has disappeared. Then Tiger discovers a trail of green blood leading to a cave nearby…

Written by Cubby Dreistein

Directed by Alan Pattillo

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Sram Ben Stevens
  • TIM Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 22nd October 1983 10.00am (Central)

5 Close Call

After WNTV reporter Mark Darrel promises to expose the Terrahawks operation on live television, he is visited in his country cottage by Zelda and Yung-Star, who offer him to play an active role in a plan that will reveal the secrets of the Terrahawks. Shortly after, Tiger and Mary set off in Battlehawk to rendezvous with the remote-driven supply Overlander, but with the help of one of Zelda’s cubes, Darrel halts the vehicle, climbs aboard and alters its course. When Battlehawk arrives at the rendezvous point, Darrel drives the Overlander directly at the Terrahawks’ ship and attempts to ram it!

Written by Cubby Dreistein

Directed by Desmond Saunders

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Mark Darrel Ben Stevens
  • WNTV Announcer Jeremy Hitchen
  • Space Control Ben Stevens
  • Security Zeroid Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 12th November 1983 10.00am (Central)

6 From Here To Infinity

When Space Probe Alpha mysteriously returns to Earth after 21 years, Colonel Johnson assigns the Terrahawks to take charge of the tricky salvage operation and prevent the Probe’s Mark 24 Nuclear Rocket from contaminating the atmosphere during re-entry. On board Spacehawk, Tiger plans to convert the Probe into a re-entry vehicle by using a remote-controlled Delta Wing to control the Probe’s flight to Hawknest. Zero and 101 take charge of the Delta Wing and Zero boards the Probe to install a computer guidance system, but once the Probe has been set on course, Zero discovers that Zelda has converted the Probe into a gravity-triggered bomb which will destroy Hawknest!

Written by Katz Stein

Directed by Alan Pattillo

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Helijet Pilot Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 10th December 1983 10.00am (Central)

7 Space Samurai

For 36 hours, Spacehawk has been under attack by wave after wave of alien missiles, but Kate confirms that the missiles are too small to be effective against the Terrahawk ship. The space samurai Tamura has agreed to help Zelda in her latest plan, believing that it will bring peace, so he telepathically contacts Hiro, introducing himself as an emissary and requesting a meeting with Tiger. Spacehawk rendezvouses with Tamura’s starcruiser Ishimo and Tamura beams aboard to explain that he wishes to open negotiations between Tiger and Zelda. Tiger agrees to meet with Zelda, but only on his own terms…

Written by Cubby Dreistein

Directed by Desmond Saunders

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Tamura Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 28th June 1986 11.30am (ITV Network)

8 The Sporilla

Zelda releases a ferocious sporilla from cryogenic slumber, controlling it with a device that she has developed. Penetrating the Terrahawk tracker station on Callisto, Zelda destroys a vital piece of equipment there, leading Tiger and Kate to investigate with Zero and Zeroid 55 when 101 notices that the tracker station has gone off line. Tiger and Kate are puzzled to find that Zelda’s sabotage is only minimal when she could have destroyed the whole station, but just as Tiger realises that they have been deliberately drawn into a trap, the two Zeroids discover a set of massive footprints on the corridor floor…

Written by Leo Pardstein

Directed by Tony Bell

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Sporilla Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 19th July 1986 11.30am (ITV Network)

9 Happy Madeday

On Mars, Zelda introduces Yung-Star and Cy-Star to Moid, Master of Infinite Disguise, who has an incredible talent for mimicry. Shortly after, as Hiro travels to Spacehawk in Treehawk, 101 tracks a Zeaf hiding in the tail of Bell’s Comet. The Zeaf opens fire on Treehawk and damages the craft, but Hiro manages to crash-land in an ice field. He takes shelter in a cave, where Moid appears masquerading as Tiger and injects the Lieutenant with a knockout drug. When Hawkeye and Kate arrive to take Hiro back to Hawknest, they are unaware that the man they have rescued is actually Moid in disguise…

Written by Kit Tenstein

Directed by Tony Lenny

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 29th October 1983 10.00am (Central)

10 Gunfight At Oaky's Corral

After a battle in the desert of Badwater County against six of Zelda’s Cubes, Tiger orders the remains of the Cubes to be collected for examination back at Hawknest. However, the pieces only account for five Cubes, so Tiger returns to Badwater in Battlehawk to find out what has become of the missing Cube. That evening, Badwater’s Sheriff Cy Bull receives a telephone call from hillbilly Sam Oaky, who lives in a remote cabin on the edge of the desert. Oaky has found something strange in the desert so Bull agrees to take a look at it in the morning, but Oaky’s discovery is the missing Cube and when it is

accidentally reactivated, it presents Zelda with an opportunity to take control of the hillbilly and use him to lay a trap for Tiger…

Written by TI Gerstein

Directed by Tony Bell

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Sam Oaky Ben Stevens
  • Billie-Jean Hollins Anne Ridler

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 26th November 1983 10.00am (Central)

11 The Ugliest Monster Of All

On Mars, Zelda releases Yuri the Space Bear, a monster with the appearance of a cuddly teddy bear, from cryogenic suspension and sends him to Earth aboard a space capsule. When the capsule is detected approaching Earth Tiger gives Hiro orders to destroy it, but 101 detects a sound coming from inside so the capsule is brought aboard Spacehawk. When Yuri is discovered he is taken to Hawknest where Kate identifies him as an Orsino Galactica. Mary is captivated by the creature but Tiger assigns Hawkeye and Hudson to take Yuri to the zoological institute. However, Yuri uses his strange metal-bending powers to jam the garage doors and then causes Hudson to have a seizure…

Written by PU Mastein

Directed by Tony Lenny

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Dr Kiljoy Windsor Davies
  • Zeroid Nurse Anne Ridler

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 5th November 1983 10.00am (Central)

12 The Gun

After Yung-Star discovers that two Cubes working in tandem can generate an immensely powerful force beam, Zelda transfers a force of 20 Cubes to the unmanned Auto Space 4 Transporter which is returning to Earth. 101 tracks the Transporter veering off course and Tiger learns that it is carrying high-grade titanium ore, so he dispatches Kate and Hawkeye in Hawkwing to intercept the craft as it enters the atmosphere. The Cubes abandon ship as the Transporter crashes near the Richardson Dam and as night falls, they gather together and assemble into a single structure to become an irresistible force…

Written by Koo Garstein

Directed by Tony Bell

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Ed Collins Jeremy Hitchen
  • Zeroid 66/Zeroid 13 Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 19th November 1983 10.00am (Central)

13 Thunder Path

Zelda uses her power of control over matter to transport Sram directly to Earth. Sram arrives in the desert and causes a landslide with his thunder-roar that halts the remote-controlled supply Overlander in its tracks. When Mary discovers that the Overlander has left the laser rail, Tiger realises that something has taken over the vehicle and dispatches Kate and Hawkeye in Hawkwing to intercept it. Kate locates the Overlander but Zero reports that the vehicle is heading directly for the shale refinery at Santa Verona, where the storage tanks hold over a hundred million gallons of high octane aviation fuel!

Written by Effie Linestein

Directed by Tony Lenny

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 3rd December 1983 10.00am (Central)

14 Mind Monster

Zelda sends a transparent box to Earth aboard the Rhino, ejecting it into space as the ship approaches Spacehawk. 101 and 55 recover the container and bring it aboard Spacehawk for examination. It apparently contains only water vapour but when Kate looks into the box as it is opened, she hears a strange noise and sees Zelda laughing at her. Hiro suggests that she might be suffering from space sickness so Kate returns to Hawknest in Treehawk. Mary meets her in the lounge but Kate feels tired and heads straight for her quarters. Then Mary hears a strange noise and is suddenly confronted by Sram!

Written by Tom Katstein

Directed by Tony Bell

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 17th December 1983 10.00am (Central)

15 To Catch A Tiger

Zelda captures the two-man crew of an Earth Transporter ship when they make an unscheduled detour to Mars in the belief that the planet has been placed off limits by the World Government because gold and diamonds have been discovered there. Zelda demands that Tiger is handed over in return for the men so Tiger, Mary, Hawkeye, Zero and Dix-Huit set off for Mars, leaving Kate behind on Earth to take a vital role in Tiger’s plan to escape from Zelda’s clutches after the hostages are exchanged. Meanwhile on Mars, Zelda reveals to Yung-Star and Cy-Star that she has appointed Moid as Tiger’s executioner and he promises a lingering painful death for the Terrahawks’ leader…

Written by Claude Backstein

Directed by Tony Lenny

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Davis Jeremy Hitchen
  • Cole Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 31st December 1983 10.20am (ITV Network)

16 The Midas Touch

Using his Ferret to monitor Earth radio signals, Yung-Star learns that the Space Fort Knox satellite is carrying 85 per cent of the Earth’s gold reserves so Zelda plans to destroy the satellite to undermine the planet’s economy. While the Terrahawks celebrate Tiger’s birthday at Hawknest, Zelda tests the destructive power of the Krell, a creature that lurks beneath the Martian sand, and then sends it to Earth aboard a Zeaf. The Zeaf evades the Spacehawk defences but Kate and Hawkeye manage to track it to Egypt in Hawkwing. Tiger is puzzled as to what Zelda’s target could be, but the Krell has buried itself in the desert sand to wait until Space Fort Knox passes directly overhead…

Written by Trevor Lansdown and Tony Barwick

Directed by Alan Pattillo

UK Broadcast Premiere: Sunday, 23rd December 1984 11.45am (Grampian and Scottish)

17 Operation S.A.S.

Yung-Star learns that the World President is making an orbital flight in the Presidential Space Shuttle so Zelda agrees to let him journey to Earth to carry out a devious plan of his own, providing he takes Yuri the Space Bear with him. Evading the Spacehawk defences by using the Presidential Shuttle as a shield, Yung-Star then attacks Hudson as he is ferrying Kate and Stew Dapples to Anderburr Records. Hudson leaves the road and takes off across country but Yuri is waiting for them and uses his powers to force Hudson into a crash. Yung-Star lands his Zeaf and takes Kate and Stew prisoner…

Written by Tom Angeristein

Directed by Tony Lenny

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Commentator Jeremy Hitchen
  • Newsreader Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Sunday, 23rd September 1984 4.30pm (ITV Network)

18 Ten Top Pop

Zelda discovers Yung-Star using his Ferret to listen to a radio broadcast of Kate Kestrel performing her latest song. She is about to destroy the device when Cy-Star suggests that it could be used as part of a devious plan. Tuning in to the source of the Earth broadcast, Zelda transmits hypnotic commands to Stew Dapples’s headphones and takes control of his mind. While Zelda sets off for Earth in the Rhino, Kate collects Stew from Anderburr Records in Hudson to take him to a party at the Cliff House but en route, he pulls a gun and orders the car to pull over. Hudson covertly sends out a distress signal but as Tiger and Mary locate the car in Hawkwing, Kate and Stew are captured by Yung-Star…

Written by L. Inkstein

Directed by Tony Bell

UK Broadcast Premiere: Sunday, 30th September 1984 4.30pm (ITV Network)

19 Unseen Menace

Zelda sends Moid to Earth in a Zeaf to terrorise the Terrahawks in the guise of the Invisible Man. Approaching Spacehawk, Moid avoids being hit when the Space Zeroids open fire on the Zeaf and then adopts the persons of the Red Baron to try and evade Kate and Hawkeye in Hawkwing. However, Kate and Hawkeye are still better pilots and the Zeaf is shot down, crash-landing in the desert, but when Battletank investigates the crash site, the Megazoids can find no sign of the pilot. That night, Moid’s presence at Kate’s Cliff House disturbs Zeroid 55 but he can see no sign of the intruder. Moid enters Kate’s bedroom to watch her sleeping but when she suddenly wakes up, there is no one there…

Written by Felix Stein

Directed by Tony Bell

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Howard Druff Jeremy Hitchen

UK Broadcast Premiere: Sunday, 25th November 1984 4.30pm (ITV Network)

20 A Christmas Miracle

It is Christmas Eve at Hawknest, but while Mary and Kate decorate the tree, Tiger works on a battle plan that he has been preparing for weeks. He falls asleep at his desk and is woken on Christmas morning by Zero wishing him a Merry Christmas. However, on Mars, Zelda announces that while the Earthlings celebrate Christmas, she will launch a massive attack against them. Expecting just such an attack, Tiger mobilises the Terrahawks personnel aboard Spacehawk and they set off for the Moon where the final showdown will take place. Zelda’s fleet arrives in orbit and Zelda eagerly anticipates the coming war of attrition that will end in the total destruction of one side or the other!

Written by Kate Noweestein

Directed by Tony Lenny

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 24th December 1983 11.30am (ITV Network)

21 Midnight Blue

Zelda creates a Zeaf that is one-tenth normal size and sends it to Earth as part of her latest plan. 101 makes contact with the approaching Zeaf and the Space Zeroids lock on target, but their firepower misses the craft completely. Tiger dispatches Kate and Hawkeye in Hawkwing to intercept the Zeaf in the upper atmosphere. Tiger warns Kate that she is approaching Hawkwing’s operational limit but Kate cannot understand why they have no visual contact with the Zeaf at such close range. Tiger orders her to break off pursuit as Hawkwing is in danger of going into orbit. The Zeaf is tracked to a landing in New York, but Pentagon officials insist that no alien vehicles have flown into their airspace…

Written by Andre Le Chatstein

Directed by Tony Lenny

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Bernie the drunk Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Sunday, 28th October 1984 4.15pm (Grampian)

22 Play It Again, Sram

After Kate wins the World Song Contest in TV City, Zelda challenges Kate’s right to represent the solar system in the Interstellar Song Contest, demanding to compete against her in a new contest on behalf of the inhabitants of Mars. Zelda’s challenge is upheld by the United Planets and the new contest is arranged to take place on the remote asteroid Yazgur. The Terrahawks travel to Yazgur aboard Spacehawk together with Stew Dapples, who will compere the contest, but when they arrive at the asteroid, they discover that Zelda’s backing group includes Sram, the demon of the drums!

Written by BO Garstein

Directed by Tony Bell

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Compere Jeremy Hitchen

UK Broadcast Premiere: Sunday, 14th October 1984 4.30pm (ITV Network)

23 My Kingdom For A Zeaf

Zelda sends Yung-Star to Earth in a Zeaf accompanied by Lord Tempo, the Master of Time, on a mission to find and destroy Hawknest. Tempo uses his temporal powers to evade Spacehawk’s defences by taking the Zeaf back to a time before Spacehawk existed. He lands the Zeaf in Bosworth Field in 1485 where Richard III has just lost his last battle. Yung-Star takes a liking to the king and insists on bringing him along when they journey back to the future. Making their base on the construction site of a recently opened bridge, Yung-Star suggests that Kate Kestrel might lead them to Hawknest, so they send Richard to Anderburr Records to determine her movements…

Written by Sheik Spearstein

Directed by Tony Lenny

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Lord Tempo Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Sunday, 4th November 1984 4.30pm (ITV Network)

24 Zero' Finest Hour

At the Overlander warehouse, employee Harry Blake has been bribed by Yung-Star to place a special package for Tiger aboard the vehicle on its next delivery run. Then Yung-Star and Pluto try to follow the Overlander back to Hawknest but their car gets stuck in mud. After the supplies are transferred to Battlehawk and delivered to Hawknest, Tiger runs two security scans on the mystery package but they both check out negative. He opens the package to find only a pot of flowers inside and, assuming that they are from a secret admirer, Mary puts the flowers on the table as she and Tiger sit down to dinner. Shortly after, 21 reports to Zero that Tiger and Mary are both dead!

Written by Otto Von Lowstein

Directed by Tony Bell

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Dr Kiljoy Windsor Davies
  • Harry Blake Ben Stevens
  • Foreman Jeremy Hitcher
  • Zeroid 04 Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Sunday, 11th November 1984 4.30pm (ITV Network)

25 The Ultimate Menace

The Terrahawks travel to Mars aboard Spacehawk for a meeting with Zelda. A truce has been declared so that the opposing parties can work together to face the threat of the greatest menace in the known universe: the Zyclon, a powerful computer over a mile long which is programmed to destroy all lifeforms. To learn all they can about the Zyclon, Hiro launches a Hawkspy probe information gatherer, but it is destroyed as it approaches the Zyclon. Tiger confides in Mary that the Zyclon is supposed to be unstoppable and if they fail in their mission, Mars and then the Earth will be totally destroyed…

Written by Ivor Purstein

Directed by Tony Lenny

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Zyclon Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Sunday, 21st October 1984 4.30pm (ITV Network)

26 Ma's Monsters

On Mars, Cy-Star announces that she has some wonderful news but Zelda tells her that it will have to wait as she wishes to review the ways in which her monsters have confronted the Terrahawks. Zelda’s crystal shows Sram’s attempt to destroy the shale refinery at Santa Verona with the Overlander, the Terrahawks trapped on Callisto with the Sporilla, and Kate Kestrel held hostage by Yung-Star and Yuri. Recognising the need for change, Zelda unveils her new cryogenic store which contains a collection of monsters with horrific powers beyond imagination, As the trio toast their inevitable victory over the Terrahawks, Cy-Star reveals that she is going to have a baby…

Written by Rory Peetstein

Directed by Tony Bell and Tony Lenny

UK Broadcast Premiere: Sunday, 30th December 1984 9.30am (Grampian, Scottish, HTV, TVS, Central, Anglia, London Weekend and Border)

Cast List
Dr. "Tiger" Ninestein Jeremy Hitchin
Zelda Denise Bryer
Captain Mary Falconer Denise Bryer
Yung-Star Ben Stevens
Sergeant Major Zero Windsor Davies
Cy-Star Anne Ridler
Lt. Hiro Jeremy Hitchin
Stew Dapples Ben Stevens
Captain Kate Kestrel Anne Ridler
Colonel Johnson Jeremy Hitchin
Lt. Hawkeye Ben Stevens
Dix-Huit Ben Stevens
Space Sergeant 101 Ben Stevens
HUDSON Ben Stevens