Terrahawks (Series Two)

The Terrahawks continue to defend the Earth from Zelda and her androids who have been joined by the devious It-Star.

Anderson Burr/LWT

Produced: 1984

First UK broadcast: 3rd May 1986

13 episodes x 25 minutes

Producers: Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr

Associate Producer: Bob Bell

Directors: Tony Belland Tony Lenny

Lighting Cameramen: Harry Oakes BSC and Paddy Seale

Art Director: Gary Tomkins

Special Effects Director: Steven Begg

Music Composed and Performed by Richard Harvey

Additional Music Composed by Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr

Episodes List
1 Two For The Price Of One
2 Child's Play
3 Jolly Roger One
4 Runaway
5 First Strike
6 Terratomb
7 Doppelganger
8 Cry UFO
9 Space Cyclops
10 Timewarp
11 Space Giant
12 Cold Finger
13 Operation Zero
Cast List
Dr. "Tiger" Ninestein Jeremy Hitchin
Yung-Star Ben Stevens
Captain Mary Falconer Denise Bryer
Cy-Star Anne Ridler
Sergeant Major Zero Windsor Davies
Stew Dapples Ben Stevens
Lt. Hiro Jeremy Hitchin
Colonel Johnson Jeremy Hitchin
Captain Kate Kestrel Anne Ridler
Dix-Huit Ben Stevens
Lt. Hawkeye Ben Stevens
It-Star Jeremy Hitchin/Anne Ridler
Space Sergeant 101 Ben Stevens
HUDSON Ben Stevens
Zelda Denise Bryer