Terrahawks (Series Two)

The Terrahawks continue to defend the Earth from Zelda and her androids who have been joined by the devious It-Star.

Anderson Burr/LWT

Produced: 1984

First UK broadcast: 3rd May 1986

13 episodes x 25 minutes

Producers: Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr

Associate Producer: Bob Bell

Directors: Tony Belland Tony Lenny

Lighting Cameramen: Harry Oakes BSC and Paddy Seale

Art Director: Gary Tomkins

Special Effects Director: Steven Begg

Music Composed and Performed by Richard Harvey

Additional Music Composed by Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr

Episodes List
1 Two For The Price Of One

Kate and Hawkeye test-drive the new Spacetank on the lunar surface in preparation for an assault on Zelda’s Martian complex. Unusually high solar flare activity is producing a powerful solar wind that provides cover for Spacehawk to approach Mars and land at a safe distance without alerting Zelda. Zero and Dix-Huit join Kate and Hawkeye aboard the Spacetank and they set off across the surface towards Zelda’s base. Meanwhile, Zelda and Yung-Star make preparations for the birth of Cy-Star’s baby in the Delivery Room, but when complications arise, Zelda calls for a crow-bar…

Written by Kay Itstein

Directed by Tony Lenny

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 3rd May 1986 11.30am (ITV Network)

2 Child's Play

It-Star develops a super derivative of TNT and suggests a plan that will put the explosive to good use. Shortly after, a strange alien device explodes in Badwater County and Colonel Johnson receives a warning of a second, much larger device which will detonate in ten hours. Flying to the location of the second device in Battlehawk, Tiger is puzzled as to Zelda’s motive in planting a bomb in the middle of the desert, but then a sub-terra scan of the area reveals that the TransAmerica Pipeline, which supplies a million cubic feet of gas per hour to half of South and Central America, runs 20 feet below the surface!

Written by Sue Donymstein

Directed by Tony Bell

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 7th June 1986 11.30am (ITV Network)

3 Jolly Roger One

With the assistance of barmy space pirate Captain Goat, Yung-Star and It-Star take up residence in an abandoned Earth space station. They set up a pirate radio station, Jolly Roger One, to broadcast pop music and threatening messages from their sponsor Zelda, but their transmissions are intercepted at Hawknest and Mary broadcasts a jamming signal. Tiger, Mary, Kate and Zero join Hiro and 101 aboard Spacehawk and set a course for the space station to evict the pirate DJs, but It-Star uses his Goybirl voice to send a message that gives the impression that the androids are holding a young girl hostage…

Written by Fred Barestein

Directed by Tony Lenny

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Captain Goat Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 14th June 1986 11.30am (ITV Network)

4 Runaway

After feeding Yung-Star with a special graphite sauce that acts as an undetectable bugging device, It-Star encourages Yung-Star to run away from home. As It-Star explains to Zelda, once Yung-Star arrives on Earth he will soon be captured, handed over to the Terrahawks and taken to Hawknest, enabling them to pinpoint the location of the Terrahawk base. Sure enough, when Yung-Star walks into the Pete’s For Eats diner in Badwater County, the Terrahawks are alerted and arrangements are made to collect the android and ferry him to Hawknest. However, Tiger is suspicious of Yung-Star’s motives and recognises an alternative course of action when he is contacted by a film producer.

Written by Frank Instein

Directed by Tony Bell

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Pete/Harry Salzburg Ben Stevens
  • Sue Ellen Anne Ridler

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 21st June 1986 11.30am (ITV Network)

5 First Strike

Tiger and Kate are contacted by military commander General Rip Cord who announces that he has been authorised by the World President to assume command of the Terrahawks organisation, effective immediately. This is confirmed by Colonel Johnson on board Spacehawk where Cord reveals his intention to initiate a first strike nuclear attack on Zelda’s complex from Big White 1, the most powerful space carrier ever built. However, Cord discovers to his cost that he has underestimated Zelda’s abilities when she sends Sram, Lord Tempo and Yuri into combat against Big White 1’s Interceptors…

Written by Polly Phillestein

Directed by Tony Lenny

Additional Voice Cast:

  • General Rip Cord Jeremy Hitchen
  • Lord Tempo Ben Stevens
  • Sergeant Jeremy Hitchen

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 10th May 1986 11.30am (ITV Network)

6 Terratomb

Zelda sends Yung-Star and Yuri to Earth with a powerful new Supermacro Bomb developed by It-Star. Piloting their Zeaf, Yuri manages to evade the Space Zeroids but feigns a crash-landing to draw Tiger and Mary to the area in Battlehawk. Battletank searches the crash site and the Megazoids locate the two aliens but Yuri uses his powers to disable them. Then Yung-Star takes off in the Zeaf to distract the Terrahawks while Yuri hides aboard Battletank and plants the Supermacro Bomb. With Battletank back aboard Battlehawk, Tiger and Mary return to Hawknest unaware that they are carrying an explosive device which will completely destroy the base!

Written by Edward E Barestein

Directed by Tony Bell

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 17th May 1986 11.30am (ITV Network)

7 Doppelgänger

It-Star’s hypnotism experiments succeed in sending Yung-Star into a trance and turning him into a lifeless statue. Soon after, a nightwatchman at the Museum of Antiquities on Earth discovers a statue of Yung-Star in Gallery 4 and the Terrahawks learn of it when the story is published in Mary’s newspaper. Johnson arranges to have the Museum cleared so that Zero and Dix-Huit can scan the statue but they report that it is a completely lifeless inanimate object. Tiger instructs Zero to take the statue out to a safe distance and destroy it, but as the Zeroids detonate explosives which completely obliterate the statue, Zelda and It-Star set the second part of their plan in motion…

Written by Albert Zweistein

Directed by Tony Lenny

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Nightwatchman Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 31st May 1986 11.30am (ITV Network)

8 Cry UFO

Living under the thumb of his doting mother, reality is far removed from Stew Dapples’s glamorous fantasies of life as a major player in the record industry. Another routine day at Anderburr Records goes from bad to worse and he is at the end of his tether when a rehearsal with Kate Kestrel is interrupted by his mother calling to let him know that they are having steak and kidney pudding for supper. Telling her that he has to work late, Stew instead visits Pete’s For Eats for his meal but he is alone in the diner when a huge brilliantly lit spaceship passes overhead before vanishing into the desert. Afterwards, no one believes him when he says that he has seen a UFO – no one, that is, except Kate…

Written by Ewan Istein

Directed by Tony Bell

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Pete Ben Stevens
  • Sue Ellen Anne Ridler
  • Mrs Dapples Denise Buyer
  • Ultra City Announcer Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Sunday, 16th December 1984 4.30pm (ITV Network)

9 Space Cyclops

When a manned NASA probe is sent to investigate a meteorite in lunar orbit, the meteorite suddenly sprouts tentacles which grasp the probe and drag it down to crash on the lunar surface. Johnson shows Tiger and Kate photos of the crash site which show a large mound of moondust growing amongst the probe wreckage. Suspecting that something has hatched from the meteor and is feeding on the wreckage as it grows, Tiger and Mary journey to the Moon aboard Spacehawk. As they scan the crash area from the MEV, the mound of dust shifts and reveals a hideous one-eyed monster. The MEV experiences a power loss and Tiger and Mary are helpless as the creature closes in…

Written by Lita Beerstein

Directed by Tony Lenny

Additional Voice Cast:

  • NASA Commander Ben Stevens
  • Cooper/Heckler Jeremy Hitchen
  • Computer Voice Anne Ridler

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 24th May 1986 11.30am (ITV Network)

10 Timewarp

Mary has a vivid nightmare in which Hawknest is destroyed by Zelda’s Zeafs. The nightmare has been caused by Lord Tempo’s attempt to transmit a timewarp into the Terrahawks organisation through Spacehawk, with Mary as a carrier to hold the timewarp in her mind until Tempo is ready to unleash it. However, Mary’s mind was too strong and she rejected the timewarp, so Tempo selects a more suitable subject in the form of Sergeant Major Zero. Tiger and Mary are puzzled to discover that there is an eight-second time-lag in Zero’s responses to commands so he is sent to the Zeroid Sick Bay for a check-up, Meanwhile, Zelda launches her entire fleet in preparation for battle and as the fleet nears Earth Zelda tells Tempo to unleash the timewarp…

Written by Major Daystein

Directed by Tony Bell

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Lord Tempo Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 5th July 1986 11.30am (ITV Network)

11 Space Giant

At a titanium mining outpost on Zeta Four, miners Miller and Cass discover a small sporilla trapped inside the bars of the mine elevator cage. Cass sees an opportunity to make a fortune out of the creature so they smuggle it to Earth and sell it to circus owner The Great Alonzo. However, Cass is unhappy with Alonzo’s low payment for the sporilla and anonymously alerts NASA. Johnson contacts the Terrahawks and soon Tiger and Mary are on their way to the circus in Battlehawk. However, the creature is actually a giant sporilla that has been miniaturised by Zelda and when she returns it to its full size, it goes on a rampage, destroying the circus and crushing Alonzo…

Written by Manny Pheakstein

Directed by Tony Lenny

Additional Voice Cast:

  • The Great Alonzo Ben Stevens
  • Cass Jeremy Hitchen
  • Miller/Fan Ben Stevens
  • Sue Ellen Anne Ridler

UK Broadcast Premiere: Sunday, 9th December 1984 4.30pm (ITV Network)

12 Cold Finger

Zelda enters into a pact with Cold Finger, the master of ice, who promises to create a new Ice Age on Earth. He launches a huge space iceberg and sets it on a collision course with Earth. Tracking the spaceberg, 101 reports that it is accelerating and Tiger realises that it is not a natural phenomenon. When the Space Zeroids open fire on the berg, it breaks down into an ice storm that threatens the Moon but additional firepower destroys the largest pieces. Tiger, Mary and Zero head for Spacehawk to coordinate a search for the source of the attack but then Cold Finger launches ten more spacebergs…

Written by IC Bergstein

Directed by Tony Bell

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Cold Finger Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Sunday, 18th November 1984 4.30pm (ITV Network)

13 Operation Zero

Zero has skipped having a major check-up but when it becomes apparent that there is something seriously wrong with the Zeroid, Tiger orders him to the Zeroid Sick Bay for an examination. Dr Kiljoy decides that he must operate at once so the Zeroid Nurse uncouples Zero’s currents to put him to sleep. He awakens to the sound of a 10-40 battle stations alert signal as Zelda’s entire fleet approaches Earth for a final assault. Against Dr Kiljoy’s orders, Zero discharges himself from Sick Bay and takes charge of the search operation when he discovers that Zelda’s Hub has landed within a mile of Hawknest. Now Zelda, Yung-Star and Cy-Star are at large in the base…

Written by Anne Teakstein

Directed by Tony Lenny

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Dr Kiljoy Windsor Davies
  • Zeroid Nurse Anne Ridler
  • Zeroid 27 Ben Stevens

UK Broadcast Premiere: Saturday, 12th July 1986 11.30am (ITV Network)

Cast List
Dr. "Tiger" Ninestein Jeremy Hitchin
Yung-Star Ben Stevens
Captain Mary Falconer Denise Bryer
Cy-Star Anne Ridler
Sergeant Major Zero Windsor Davies
Stew Dapples Ben Stevens
Lt. Hiro Jeremy Hitchin
Colonel Johnson Jeremy Hitchin
Captain Kate Kestrel Anne Ridler
Dix-Huit Ben Stevens
Lt. Hawkeye Ben Stevens
It-Star Jeremy Hitchin/Anne Ridler
Space Sergeant 101 Ben Stevens
HUDSON Ben Stevens
Zelda Denise Bryer