The Adventures Of Twizzle

The adventures of a boy doll who runs away from a toyshop and, together with his feline friend Footso, builds Stray Town, a haven for toys.

AP Films/Banty Books/Associated Rediffusion

Produced: 1957-58

First UK broadcast: 13th November 1957

52 episodes x 13 minutes

Producer: Roberta Leigh

Director: Gerry Anderson

Director of Photography: Arthur Provis

Art Director: Reginald E. Hill

Music: Leslie Clair

Lyrics: Roberta Leigh

Music Arranged and Conducted by Barry Gray


Episodes List
1 Twizzle And Footso

Twizzle, the twizzley toy, runs away from a toy shop and meets Footso, a big black cat with enormous paws. Together they decide to go looking for adventure.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 13th November 1957, 4.30pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

2 Twizzle And Footso Get Caught

Twizzle and Footso meet a nasty old man who makes them work for him, but they manage to escape.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 20th November 1957, 4.30pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

3 Twizzle Saves The Doll

When a doll’s house catches fire, Twizzle saves the doll and she gives him a racing car.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 27th November 1957, 4.30pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

4 The Breakdown Van

Twizzle has an accident with his racing car and exchanges it for a breakdown van.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 4th December 1957, 4.30pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

5 Footso Is Stolen

Footso is stolen by an old woman who makes him drink some magic milk. In the meantime, Twizzle meets a new friend and together they try to save Footso.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 11th December 1957, 4.30pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

6 Twizzle And The Golliwog

Twizzle and Chawky the white-faced golliwog go skating and fall into a lake.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 18th December 1957, 4.30pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

7 Jiffy And The Chawky Quarrel

Jiffy the Broomstick Man quarrels with Chawky the white-faced golliwog and loses his twigs.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 31st December 1957, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

8 Footso Disappears

Footso the cat tries to steal some fish and gets into trouble.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 7th January 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

9 Twizzle And The Broken-Down Toy

Twizzle goes to a toy factory and meets Candy Floss, a Mama doll that cannot say “Mama”.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 14th January 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

10 Twizzle Builds Stray Town

Twizzle builds a town of log cabins so that all of the stray toys in the world can come and live there.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 21st January 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

11 A Flag For Stray Town

Candy Floss makes a flag and when Twizzle puts it on the flag-pole, something exciting and magical happens.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 28th January 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

12 Jiffy's New House

Twizzle builds Jiffy the Broomstick Man a log cabin of his own, but Jiffy does not like it very much.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 4th February 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

13 Twizzle And Footso Go Fruit Picking

Twizzle and Footso the cat have a picnic but Footso swallows a bee.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 11th February 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

14 Twizzle Has Some Fun

Footso is so greedy that he eats Twizzle’s lunch so Twizzle decides to play a trick on him.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 18th February 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

15 Twizzle And Candy Floss Open A Cake Shop

Candy Floss decides to make some toffee but Chawky the white-faced golliwog falls into the mixture.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 25th February 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

16 Twizzle Saves The Broken-Down Toys

Twizzle visits the Toy Inspector and saves all of the broken-down toys. He takes them back with him to live in Stray Town.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 4th March 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

17 Twizzle Gets Lost

Twizzle goes shopping to Tweedle Town and gets lost in the dark, but he is saved by all the broken-down toys.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 11th March 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

18 Jiffy Opens A Barber's Shop

Jiffy wants to earn money to buy acorns so he decides to open a barber’s shop.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 18th March 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

19 Another Racing Car

Twizzle is tired of driving slowly in his breakdown van so he borrows a racing car.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 25th March 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

20 Twizzle And His Friends Go To The Circus

Twizzle and the toys decide to take a trip to the circus and Footso has a go on the trapeze.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 1st April 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

21 The Toys Go To School

None of the toys can read or write so Twizzle decides to become a teacher.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 8th April 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

22 Bouncy The Ball

Bouncy the ball likes living in Stray Town but he does not like being kicked around.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 15th April 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

23 Jack-In-The-Box

Twizzle feels jealous when all of the toys make a fuss of Jack-in-the-Box, so he leaves him out in the rain.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 22nd April 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

24 Twizzle Catches Cold

Twizzle feels very miserable when he has to go to bed with a cold, but all of the toys cheer him up by bringing him presents.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 29th April 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

25 The Naughty Girl

Twizzle has to rescue the China Doll when she is stolen and locked in a toy cupboard.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 6th May 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

26 Jiffy's New Twigs

Jiffy’s twigs wear out so the toys go in search of new ones.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 13th May 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

27 Twizzle And The Snowman

Twizzle and Footso build a snowman but don’t like it when he comes to stay with them.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 20th May 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

28 Twizzle And The Thin Teddy Bear

Twizzle and Footso decide to find the angry Teddy Bear something to eat.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 3rd June 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

29 The Lazy Broomstick Man

Jiffy refuses to clean the streets of Stray Town until Twizzle thinks of a plan.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 10th June 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

30 Twizzle And The Polly Moppet

Twizzle meets a new toy and brings it to Stray Town to help Jiffy the Broomstick Man.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 17th June 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

31 Footso And The Magic Seeds

Chawky the white-faced golliwog doesn’t like Footso sleeping in his garden so he plants some magic seeds to give him a fright.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 8th July 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

32 Footso Has Toothache

Footso has a sore tooth but he doesn’t want Twizzle to take him to the dentist.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 15th July 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

33 Jiffy And The Polly Moppet Quarrel

Jiffy the Broomstick Man gets up to mischief once again.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 22nd July 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

34 Footso Gets A New Tail

When Footso catches his tail in a door, the toys decide to knit him a new one.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 29th July 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

35 Twizzle Is Naughty

Twizzle teases the toys and makes them angry.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 5th August 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

36 Twizzle Is Stolen

Footso sets out to rescue Twizzle when he is stolen and locked in a bird cage.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 12th August 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

37 Twizzle And The Naughty Breakdown Van

Twizzle decides to build a garage for his breakdown van.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 19th August 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

38 Twizzle And The Toy Inspector

Twizzle and Footso make a new friend.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 26th August 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

39 Chawky Gets A Present

Chawky the white-faced golliwog has a surprise when the toys give him a present.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 2nd September 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

40 Jiffy's Birthday

Jiffy the Broomstick Man decides to host a birthday party and all of the broken down toys are invited.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, 9th September 1958, 5.00pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

41 Orange And The Banana Tree

Both oranges and bananas grow on a tree in Stray Town so Twizzle and the toys all have some lovely fruit.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 17th September 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

42 Stray Town Thief

There seems to be a thief at large in Stray Town, but the toys manage to clear up the mystery.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 24th September 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

43 Footso And The Naughty Girl

Footso the cat is in trouble again, but it is not his fault.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 1st October 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

44 Naughty Polly Moppet

Twizzle is angry when Polly Moppet misbehaves.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 8th October 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

45 Polly Moppet Disappears

Polly Moppet has gone missing, so all the toys go to look for her.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 15th October 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

46 Twizzle Goes Fishing

Twizzle, Footso and Chawky the white-faced golliwog go fishing in the lake, with surprising results.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 22nd October 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

47 Twizzle Goes To The Fair

Twizzle and Candy Floss are glad that Jiffy can fly when they visit the fair.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 29th October 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

48 Twizzle Goes To The Seaside

Twizzle and Footso go to the beach and Footso gets sand in his whiskers.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 5th November 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

49 Twizzle Goes Camping

Twizzle and Footso go off to camp and have some trouble with their tent.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 12th November 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

50 Twizzle Goes To The Zoo

Twizzle visits the zoo and the thin Teddy Bear gets into trouble.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 19th November 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

51 Twizzle Papers The Cabin

Twizzle tries his hand at decorating and Jiffy gets into a sticky situation.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 26th November 1958, 4.45pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

52 Candy Floss Has A Birthday

Twizzle and the broken-down toys help Candy Floss to celebrate her birthday.

UK Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, 10th June 1959, 12.47pm (Associated-Rediffusion)

Cast List
Twizzle Nancy Nevinson
Footso Denis Bryer
Narrator Nancy Nevinson