The Animates

Long, long ago from Never Ever Land, a tired but happy band of Animates wanders through the forest looking for a home. They find a clearing in the forest outside the Personates’ town where they make their home. Their new village is friendly and warm, whereas the Personates’ town is cold and not very friendly.

The Animates agree to help the Personates all that they can.

Animates Film Productions

Produced: 1978

13 episodes x 5 minutes

Written By Sylvia Anderson

Music by Vic Elmes and Roger Flavelle

Puppetry by Stage Three

Character Voices by Sylvia Anderson and Roy Dotrice

Puppets and Sets made by Peter Holmes

Cameraman Ian Struthers

Film Editor Mick Monks

Executive Producer Sylvia Anderson

Producer Roger Gawn

Directed by Stuart Freeman

Episodes List
1 The Arrival

Original UK airdate: not transmitted

2 Finders Not Keepers

Original UK airdate: 24th July 1980 (Thames)

Mopey finds Bossmate’s lost watch when he’s gardening with Brenda the bushbaby, and keeps it.

When Mopey comes clean and returns the watch, the King decides to reward him with his own watch.

3 The Silver Jubilee

Original UK airdate: 25th July 1980 (Thames)

Mopey the monkey finds his way into the Personate palace and meets the King.

Wizzy the wise owl agrees to be the King’s counsellor and help the Personate learn to laugh and be kind to each other.

4 The Missing Crown Jewels

Original UK airdate: 28th July 1980 (Thames)

Mafiamate steals the Crown Jewels and ensures that Mopey gets the blame.

Carla the Catmate sees the jewels whilst cleaning Mafiamate’s windows and clears Mopey’s reputation, and Mopey learns that honesty always pays.

5 Holiday Time

Original UK airdate: 29th July 1980 (Thames)

6 The Animates’ First Christmas

Original UK airdate: 31st July 1980 (Thames)

7 Mopey Goes to School

Original UK airdate: 1st August 1980 (Thames)

8 Mopey Learns about Money

Original UK airdate: 4th August 1980 (Thames)

9 Valentine’s Day

Original UK airdate: 5th August 1980 (Thames)

10 Snow Time

Original UK airdate: 7th August 1980 (Thames)

11 The Animates Start a Newspaper

Original UK airdate: 11th August 1980 (Thames)

12 Mopey Gets the Measles

Original UK airdate: 21st July 1980 (Thames)

13 Royal Birthday

Original UK airdate: 22nd July 1980 (Thames)