The Investigator

The Investigator, a benevolent alien from a distant galaxy, selects an Earth boy and girl, John and Julie, to assist him in his mission to make their world a better place. The pair are miniaturised to assist The Investigator more easily, and assigned to prevent the theft by Stavros Karanti of a 14th century masterpiece from a church on Malta. John and Julie are presented with a car and a boat, scaled to accommodate their miniaturised size, and set out to thwart Karanti’s plans…


Produced: 1973

First UK broadcast: unbroadcast

1 episode x 25 minutes

Producer: Gerry Anderson

Director: Gerry Anderson

Models Created by Reg Hill

Lighting Cameraman: Harry Oakes

Music Composed by John Cameron

Theme: Vic Elmes

Screenplay by Sylvia Anderson

Story by Shane Rimmer

Directed by Gerry Anderson

Original Airdate: Not broadcast to date

On Location:

  • Malta
Cast List
Julie Sylvia Anderson
John Shane Rimmer
The Investigator Peter Dyneley
Stavros Karanti Charles Thake
Cristoph Peter Borg