The Secret Service

Parish priest Father Unwin is an undercover agent for B.I.S.H.O.P. who carries out dangerous assignments using a miniaturisation device to shrink his assistant, Matthew Harding, to puppet size.

Century 21 Television/ITC

Produced: 1968-69

First UK broadcast: 21st September 1969

13 episodes x 25 minutes

Executive Producer: Reg Hill

Producer: David Lane

Production Supervisor: Desmond Saunders

Directors: Alan Perry, Leo Eaton, Ian Spurrier, Brian Heard and Peter Anderson

Characters Created by Sylvia Anderson

Lighting Cameraman: Paddy Seale and Julien Lugrin

Art Director: Keith Wilson

Script Editor: Tony Barwick

Supervising Visual Effects Director: Derek Meddings

Senior Visual Effects Director: Jimmy Elliott

Visual Effects Directors: Bill Camp, Shaun Whittacker-Cook and Alan Berry

Music Composed and Directed by Barry Gray

Episodes List
1 A Case For The Bishop

“Disobey my instructions and your Ambassador will never return to normal. He will remain as small as the country he represents.”

A Healey KX20 mini-computer has been stolen by Dreisenberg agents and is believed to be in the hands of the Dreisenberg Ambassador, who plans to leave the country with the device. Father Unwin leaves immediately for Heathrow to plant a miniaturised Matthew aboard the Ambassador’s private jet…

Written by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

Directed by Alan Perry

Original UK Airdate: 21st September 1969 (ATV)

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Dreisenberg Ambassador David Healy
  • Ambassador’s Aide Keith Alexander
  • Patterson Jeremy Wilkin
  • Saunders Keith Alexander
  • Captain Keith Alexander
  • Policeman Jeremy Wilkin
  • London Tower Controller Keith Alexander
  • Co-Pilot Gary Files
  • Healey Automation Guard Jeremy Wilkin
  • Telephone Voice Sylvia Anderson
2 A Question Of Miracles

“Gentlemen, I promise you, I’ve just had a warning – a premonition if you like. Concerning an explosion.”

Two British-designed desalination plants have exploded as they neared 250 hours of operation and an order for ten plants in the United States now hangs in the balance. Suspecting sabotage, the Bishop assigns Unwin and Matthew to ensure that the last remaining plant, at Port Trennick, stays operational.

Written by Donald James

Directed by Leo Eaton

Original UK Airdate: 28th September 1969 (ATV)

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Hartley Keith Alexander
  • Tom Williams Jeremy Wilkin
  • Shaw David Healy
  • Doctor Keith Alexander
  • Nielson David Healy
  • Brooks Keith Alexander
  • Green Gary Files
  • Guard Gary Files
  • 1st Frogman Jeremy Wilkin
  • Car Enthusiast Gary Files
  • 1st Technician (North Africa) Jeremy Wilkin
  • 2nd Technician (North Africa) David Healy
  • 1st Technician (Burgossa) David Healy
  • 2nd Technician (Burgossa) Jeremy Wilkin
  • 1st Technician (Port Trennick) Jeremy Wilkin
  • 2nd Technician (Port Trennick) Gary Files
  • 3rd Technician (Port Trennick) Keith Alexander
  • 4th Technician (Port Trennick) David Healy
3 The Feathered Spies

“While nightly sings the staring owl.”

“Tu-whit, tu-who, a merry note.”

Aerial photos of a secret experimental World Air Force fighter plane are being offered on the black market, so Father Unwin and Matthew are assigned to determine how the photographer has managed to breach the restricted overhead access to Crayfield airbase. Their investigations lead them to pigeon fancier John Masden, who seems an unlikely candidate for espionage…

Written by Tony Barwick

Directed by Ian Spurrier

Original UK Airdate: 12th October 1969 (ATV)

Additional Voice Cast:

  • John Masden Jeremy Wilkin
  • Dr Groot David Healy
  • Carl Gary Files
  • Agent Keith Alexander
  • Officer Jeremy Wilkin
  • Operator Gary Files
4 To Catch A Spy

“Come now. You know the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill.'”

“I’m afraid you and I live by different codes, Father.”

Enemy agent George Grey is believed to be being hidden by the influential Sir Humphrey Burton at his country residence. Father Unwin pays Sir Humphrey a visit, enabling a miniaturised Matthew to discover that Grey is to be smuggled out of the house by helijet – if he effects a successful escape, he will take with him details of anti-missile defences and the locations of all reprisal bases!

Written by Pat Dunlop

Directed by Brian Heard

Original UK Airdate: 5th October 1969 (ATV)

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Sir Humphrey Burton Keith Alexander
  • George Grey Jeremy Wilkin
  • Saunders Keith Alexander
  • Patterson Jeremy Wilkin
  • Manservant Gary Files
  • Skipper Gary Files
  • Pilot Gary Files
  • 1st Guard Keith Alexander
  • 2nd Guard Jeremy Wilkin
5 Last Train To Bufflers Halt

“I never handled one of these new fangled devices. How do you stop it?”

£1 million in used bank notes is travelling to London by express train. One attempt to steal the notes has already been made, so the Bishop assigns Father Unwin and Matthew to protect the train’s cargo. After the train is hi-jacked, Unwin finds himself unable to stop the vehicle as it hurtles towards London at 80mph…

Written by Tony Barwick

Directed by Alan Perry

Original UK Airdate: 19th October 1969 (ATV)

Original Titles: “The Train In The Vicar’s Library”, “The Train”

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Reed Keith Alexander
  • Albert Hobson Gary Files
  • Calow Jeremy Wilkin
  • Jackie Sylvia Anderson
  • Guard Jeremy Wilkin
  • McGrath Gary Files
  • Agent Keith Alexander
  • Signalman Keith Alexander
6 Errand Of Mercy

“A pot of tea, two eggs three-minute boiled. Is that right, Effendi?”

Suffering from sunstroke, Father Unwin is retired to bed and prescribed sleeping pills by Dr. Brogan. In his fevered dreams, Unwin finds himself on a dangerous mission to deliver medical supplies to Bishopsville, flying in Gabriel to Africa where he and Matthew are captured by natives and attacked by mercenary fighter jets…

Written by Tony Barwick

Directed by Leo Eaton

Original UK Airdate: 9th November 1969 (ATV)

Additional Voice Cast:

  • OfficerAlexander
  • General Keith Alexander
  • Operator Jeremy Wilkin
  • Pilot (Mercenary 1) Jeremy Wilkin
  • 1st Native Keith Alexander
  • 2nd Native Jeremy Wilkin
  • 3rd Native Gary Files
7 The Deadly Whisper

“The value of a good book is often underestimated.”

Professor Soames has developed a sonic rifle, capable of projecting destructive waves of ultrasonic vibration, accurate to within a centimetre over thirty feet. But three unscrupulous saboteurs intend to use Soames’ rifle to bring down an experimental aircraft, holding the Professor’s daughter hostage to ensure his complicity. When Father Unwin becomes suspicious and investigates, he too is held prisoner in Soames’ house…

Written by Donald James

Directed by Leo Eaton

Original UK Airdate: 16th November 1969 (ATV)

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Kroner Gary Files
  • Mark Slater David Healy
  • Anne Soames Sylvia Anderson
  • Professor Soames Keith Alexander
  • Eastman Jeremy Wilkin
  • Controller Jeremy Wilkin
  • Pilot Gary Files
8 Hole In One

“Oh dear. Dear me. You played the wrong ball.”

Top secret plans to correct the orbit of the errant G9 satellite are falling into the hands of the opposition and sabotaged. The Bishop suspects that General Brompton is unwittingly leaking the information at his golf course, so Father Unwin tees off with the General to determine how the secrets are being passed to the other side.

Written by Shane Rimmer

Directed by Brian Heard

Original UK Airdate: 26th October 1969 (ATV)

Additional Voice Cast:

  • General Brompton Keith Alexander
  • Kromer Jeremy Wilkin
  • Forrester Gary Files
  • Hawthorn Jeremy Wilkin
  • Blake Keith Alexander
  • Operator Keith Alexander
9 Recall To Service

“Sorry about this, Gabriel, but we’re both in the army now.”

The Aquatank, a new computer-controlled military vehicle, is to be demonstrated to the NATO heads of defence at the World Army Experimental Vehicle Division base. Anticipating sabotage, the Bishop assigns Father Unwin and Matthew to check security arrangements at the base, and Matthew is on board the Aquatank when it is re-programmed to target the observers’ blockhouse!

Written by Pat Dunlop

Directed by Peter Anderson

Original UK Airdate: 2nd November 1969 (ATV)

Original Title: “You’re In The Army Now”

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Colonel Blair Jeremy Wilkin
  • Captain Mitchell Gary Files
  • Professor Graham Keith Alexander
  • Sergeant Walsh Gary Files
  • French General Gary Files
10 The Cure

“I’m afraid the Klam Therapy Theatre is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.”

Sakov, one of Europe’s most astute freelance agents, is trailed by Blake to Greenways Nursing Home, a health farm run by chief therapist Dr. Klam, and the Bishop assigns Father Unwin to find out what his plans are. Sakov engineers the crash of a GK2 test car at a nearby race track, but Unwin is baffled as to how he managed to escape the confines of Klam’s theray theatre to carry out his sabotage…

Written by Pat Dunlop

Directed by Leo Eaton

Original UK Airdate: 23rd November 1969 (ATV)

Additional Voice Cast:

  • E.H. Klam Gary Files
  • Sakov David Healy
  • Burrows Keith Alexander
  • Pete Mackintosh Jeremy Wilkin
  • Nurse David Healy
  • Kalin Gary Files
  • Dave Marden Keith Alexander
  • Minister Jeremy Wilkin
11 School For Spies

“Explosives should be treated like a lion tamer treats the big cats – show ’em you’re not afraid.”

Father Unwin discovers that a gang of bogus vicars are responsible for a series of sabotage attacks on military installations and vehicles. After one ofthe gang is hospitalised after their latest venture, Unwin masquerades as his replacement, a demolition expert, to infiltrate the gang, but he is soon exposed as an imposter…

Written by Donald James

Directed by Ken Turner

Original UK Airdate: 30th November 1969 (ATV)

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Brother Thomas Keith Alexander
  • Brother Gregory Jeremy Wilkin
  • Archdeacon Keith Alexander
  • Brother Simon Gary Files
  • Brother Jess Gary Files
  • Fifth Brother Gary Files
12 May-Day, May-Day!

“The people who hurt us most are those who profess to love us and yet deliberately deceive us for their own ends.”

The Bishop assigns Father Unwin to protect the King of Muldovia during his visit to London, joining his retinue for a flight to New York where the King plans to visit his son. An attempt on the King’s life is foiled by Matthew, but the Prince of Muldovia has hidden a bomb aboard the King’s private plane and rigged a device that incapacitates the pilot and co-pilot…

Written by Bob Kesten

Directed by Alan Perry

Original UK Airdate: 7th December 1969 (ATV)

Original Title: “Bombs Away!”

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Prince of Muldovia Gary Files
  • Achmed Jeremy Wilkin
  • King of Muldovia David Graham
  • Joe Keith Alexander
  • Joe’s Father Jeremy Wilkin
  • Assassin Keith Alexander
  • Captain Gary Files
  • Master Jeremy Wilkin
  • Air Traffic Controller David Graham
  • Air Traffic Assistant Gary Files
  • Commentator Keith Alexander
13 More Haste, Less Speed

“Slow and steady wins the race – not the one that sets the pace.”

Lord Edward and Lady Martha Hazlewell have inherited a counterfeit plate from their father, but the location of the second plate is known only to their father’s accomplice, Mullins. Unwin and Matthew trail Mullins to Hazlewell Manor and join a frantic chase to retrieve the second plate from an old barn at Greenacre Farm.

Written by Tony Barwick

Directed by Ken Turner

Original UK Airdate: 14th December 1969 (ATV)

Additional Voice Cast:

  • Lady Martha Hazlewell Keith Alexander
  • Lord Edward Hazlewell David Graham
  • Spiker Gary Files
  • Mullins Jeremy Wilkin
  • Charlie Gary Files
  • Pete Gary Files
  • Attendant Gary Files
Cast List
Father Stanley Unwin Stanley Unwin
Matthew Harding Gary Files
The Bishop Jeremy Wilkin
Mrs Appleby Sylvia Anderson
Agent Blake Keith Alexander