Space:1999 and UFO – The Documentaries (NTSC)


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The UFO Documentary – with Gerry Anderson, Bob Bell, Ed Bishop, Dolores Mantez, Derek Meddings, Alan Perry, George Sewell and Vladek Sheybal.

The Space:1999 Documentary – with Gerry Anderson, Barbara Bain, Martin Bower, Johnny Byrne, Fred Freiberger, Brian Johnson, Bob Kellett, Martin Landau, Zienia Merton, Barry Morse, Christopher Penfold, Emma Porteous, Catherine Schell, Derek Wadsworth and Keith Wilson.

Includes pre-production artwork, behind-the-scenes footage, and narrated by Shane Rimmer. Over 45 minutes of special features include Message From Moonbase Alpha and a ‘Libra Egg’ hidden extra.

Region 0, 4:3, Dolby Digital stereo. Approximate running time: 161 mins. BBFC certificate: PG.

Note that this disc is NTSC format, designed for USA, Canada, Japan etc (though most European players will also play it) – ensure that you can play this format before ordering.


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