Reply To: fanderson cards.


Thanks for the positive comments about the 40 FAB Years cards which were sent with FAB 97. As some of you have rightly deduced, we’ll make up the complete set over the remaining issues of FAB this year. Like everything we produce, they’ll be limited edition, so there’s no guarantee that there will be any left to go on sale, so an incentive to keep your membership going (we hope!).

“I’ve received FAB 97 and the cards. But I’m a bit disappointed that for the second issue in a row I’ve not received a membership badge or membership card.”

As for membership cards and badges, cards are issued when you first start your membership. Twice in the club’s history (as far as I can recall) we’ve redesigned the cards and so they’ve been reissued but it’s not a normal thing to have more than one card.

Badges are another matter, as since 2014 we’ve issued a badge to all members with the first issue of FAB that year. Again, this has been designed as a tactic to encourage members to renew their membership and not let it lapse.

FAB 97 is actually the last issue of the 2020 membership year (which is why we’ve also just sent out hundreds of the Century 21 Complete Puppet Catalogue to renewing members). We’ll be mailing this year’s badge with FAB 98, so as long as you’re included in that mailing, you’ll be sent a badge.