Reply To: fanderson cards.

273 stephen brown

I think the problem with redoing any part sets is that some members might have more of the original cards than others, (depending on when they joined,availability and so on).
Thus this forms part of the problem of how many of the, so far unpublished cards to produce.

The last cards produced where 2002 (coming up for 20 years). Realistically many of the members who were with the club then have left, likewise we’ve had many new members join since then who will have never had the cards.

The numbering system of those produced left it very much open as to how many would have finally made up a set.

it is frustrating for those of us around at the time as believe me, I would love to have seen the set finished too.

the only logical way (as I see it) would be to produce a brand new set incorporating those released before). This in itself would be both time consuming to compile and quite expensive to print in the same format. Of course the additional problem then comes with ‘ I bought/acquired many of these cards 20 years ago why would I then pay for them twice just to complete the set’

At present we have a plethora of projects on the go, its difficult enough to keep up with FABs/membership items let alone all the sales projects of which there are quite a few all of which take a great deal of time and resources.

So indeed it becomes a dilemma , as Nick mentioned, all ideas greatly received, there may, or may not be a realistic answer staring us in the face.

stephen Brown
Fanderson Sales and merchandise