Reply To: FAB close up books

273 stephen brown

To answer your message Nigel.

The sought after UFO Visual Archives book was donated to the club so we thought it would make a good competition prize for the members.

We thoroughly enjoyed putting together the cereals book partly for the reasons you mentioned. I had it in mind to do some while ago so it has been ongoing in research/getting hold of images etc. We have done similar with the upcoming book on jigsaw puzzles, again it has been a progression over the last few years getting all the details and images together , hopefully that will be just as popular.
Further books in the series are planned and at present are working on a number of ideas.

I agree the UFO annual and SST books do tend to get ‘undersold’ when being spoken about from outside the club although at the recent Cromford exhibition I took along copies of each which were well received by members of the public for their professional look.


Stephen Brown