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    11858 Ann Higgins

    Would Fanderson produce Close up books of Stingray and Space: 1999?. Am I able to obtain previous club badges that come out with the FAB welcome packs?


    Hi Ann.

    You’ve asked about the Close Up books to be included in the AGM podcast, so we’ll be answering it there.

    The idea of the annual badges was to encourage members to keep their membership going every year. As such, any left over have been binned. There’s always a chance that one of the committee will find one or two down the back of the sofa, so if that happens, I’ll bear you in mind!


    1757 Adrian Doyle

    the new cereal promotion book is brilliant and I remembered the little TB1 (blue plastic) I used to have.
    What I also remember were the green plastic TBs figures, but didn’t ever get one!
    Im going to enlarge and print the box back models and make them up for a bit of fun.
    Thanks again for a good quality product

    273 stephen brown

    Hi Adrian,

    Glad you are enjoying the book. There were times when I was researching it I think I could actually taste those Sugar Smacks again!
    we used to have one pack a week in our house and can remember the disappointment if the figure, model or badge inside was the same as ‘last week’s’.

    look out for more ‘FAB book of’ titles in the coming months.

    Stephen Brown
    Fanderson Sales

    1757 Adrian Doyle

    Hi folks
    the cutaways in the magazine are so good, I take them out and put them in a special folder
    is there an opportunity to have these reprinted in a FAB Close Up Book?


    The news story about FAB 98 mentions a competition to win the UFO Visual Archives book. I’m sure when I got one a few years back when it first appeared it had been put together by SLR?
    Last I heard was SLR was a no go area. Have things changed?

    The cereal promotions book is the best one for a long while allowing visuals more striking than the card related ones although they’re good too.
    The cd’s remain the shining star of the Fanderson merchandising but over the last couple of years printed content has gone to a new level also. The CloseUp/ Guidebooks are very welcome but the Super Space Theater book and new UFO Annual really get undersold when described as “fanclub” publications.
    SIG 21 was also an inspired addition

    273 stephen brown

    To answer your message Nigel.

    The sought after UFO Visual Archives book was donated to the club so we thought it would make a good competition prize for the members.

    We thoroughly enjoyed putting together the cereals book partly for the reasons you mentioned. I had it in mind to do some while ago so it has been ongoing in research/getting hold of images etc. We have done similar with the upcoming book on jigsaw puzzles, again it has been a progression over the last few years getting all the details and images together , hopefully that will be just as popular.
    Further books in the series are planned and at present are working on a number of ideas.

    I agree the UFO annual and SST books do tend to get ‘undersold’ when being spoken about from outside the club although at the recent Cromford exhibition I took along copies of each which were well received by members of the public for their professional look.


    Stephen Brown

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