Reply To: Stingray Bluray


Yes its very much a niche market these days so while the mainstream titles end up in the charity shop the classic , cult and specialised titles we’re interested in should keep coming albeit only in expensive box sets. But if thats whats needed to keep the market running so be it.

New releases on 4k UHD from some studios are going the same way. Initial releases of £30 steelbook or £50 collectors editions to make the studio some cash then down the line the standard release. Recently done with the 2 Cushing Dr Who movies. The good thing is that the steels and collectors sets rarely go down in value so a good idea to snap them up and then you can buy the standard version with the profit made selling the fancy edition if you decide you don’t need it that much.

Can’t really watch Supercar but I got the fancy box anyway. Maybe when Network get round to The Secret Service they could add a miniaturised version of the Fanderson annual to the bonus contents.