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    I guess high priced limited editions are needed to keep niche releases viable but this one is slightly OTT, however I’ve gone for the Super Deluxe and while most of Stingray is too juvenile to keep me glued there is enough content to support the release. To be fair if it wasn’t for the physical bonuses that drive up the price I might have waited for a standard release so a good excuse to buy on day one.
    Can’t wait


    Super deluxe set arrived today. Coloured vinyl, hardback book, new Pixley Bible, other bits and bobs. I’m 10 again.

    New documentary, Sylvia interview and loads more. Oh yes, the show in HD too. It’s great to see the series recognised as classic with this type of OTT product even though broadcasters don’t seem to realise.

    Likely the bonus disc 5 won’t be included on the standard release so get this while you can. I can’t recommend it enough. Simply magic.

    7175 Neil Houghton

    I got my Super Deluxe set too and it’s superb and well worth the price. Does anyone know if there will be a deluxe set for Thunderbirds as it deserves one?

    273 stephen brown

    No doubt about it, a lovely set and long overdue.
    The extra goodies are a superb bonus with this set, a shame we didn’t get as much with the early releases, notably Captain Scarlet. ot a complaint, just an observation.

    I wonder if The Secret Service might get the blu-ray treatment.


    Not sure how they’re doing it but Rarewaves on ebay are doing the £80 deluxe set for just over £48. And they have at least a dozen copies.

    The missing TV21 audios and some ads and other bits will be on the Super Space Theater Blu we’ll receive in the Summer.

    I’m guessing that eventually Network will get Thunderbirds too. One can only imagine the package they’ll put together for that.


    Kicking myself for not preordering the super fancy box set, but the set was thoroughly enjoyable. I skipped the Supercar set, but it would be rather nice to have everything from XL5 to The Secret Service in a similar set. I imagine these will be the ultimate home media releases of these given the general movement to streaming – I went to a charity shop today and they were doing Blu rays for 50p and DVDs at 20 for £1 – including box sets. Real sign of the times.


    Yes its very much a niche market these days so while the mainstream titles end up in the charity shop the classic , cult and specialised titles we’re interested in should keep coming albeit only in expensive box sets. But if thats whats needed to keep the market running so be it.

    New releases on 4k UHD from some studios are going the same way. Initial releases of £30 steelbook or £50 collectors editions to make the studio some cash then down the line the standard release. Recently done with the 2 Cushing Dr Who movies. The good thing is that the steels and collectors sets rarely go down in value so a good idea to snap them up and then you can buy the standard version with the profit made selling the fancy edition if you decide you don’t need it that much.

    Can’t really watch Supercar but I got the fancy box anyway. Maybe when Network get round to The Secret Service they could add a miniaturised version of the Fanderson annual to the bonus contents.

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