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    Thanks to a helpful friend I now have the FAB annual. Very nice it is too and much better than I was expecting. Already looking forward to the next one.
    One curiosity – it’s said there are very few extra copies around so no spares will appear on the shop but what happens if someone subscribes between now and the summer when apparently all subs are set to end at the same time? If someone joins in say March how do they get their 3 issues of the mag + the annual ? Will the sub price be reduced as the year goes by?

    Well done to all involved


    Glad you’re enjoying the FAB Annual.
    We’ve had a small run on to enable us to send copies to new members during the 2022/23 membership year. If they all go then we’ll simply have to stop taking new members until the new membership year. If we have any copies left once the 2024 Annual is available, they’ll be available to buy from Fanderson Sales.
    As for FAB Express, you’ll see on the Join Or Renew page of the website that we’re adjusting the membership price as we mail each issue during the membership year.


    Is it possible to have the FAB annual wrapped in protective plastic? I was surprised when I opened the cardboard package to find it loose inside. Seeing as these are mailed out in winter a lot of climates at that time are not friendly to paper. I live in Canada and my package sat all day covered in snow. By the time I got home the melting snow had just started to soak into the cardboard. I can’t imagine if it had been raining all day. All it would take is a plastic bag. When you’re paying $83 CAD some protection would be nice.


    It’s entirely proper for books and frankly most rigid things to be packaged in cardboard and nothing else these days.

    From my own experience I am quite sure that the club will deal quickly with any damaged items but I would strongly object to things being wrapped in an extra layer in case of circumstances which will affect zero-to-few recipients.

    If you live in a place where packages are typically left outside then perhaps you should provide somewhere for your postal workers to leave stuff in the dry.


    Just because that’s the way things are done today doesn’t mean it’s correct. A major complaint with Amazon these days, especially with vinyl records, is the way they’re shipping without any protection. Why would you “strongly” object? What does it matter to you? My $83 CAD won’t cover a plastic bag? I would gladly pay for the plastic bag.


    Because multiplied over Fanderson’s membership that is considerable volume of plastic which will likely end up in the bin, and in every case, even your example where it had been snowed on all day, it wasn’t actually needed.


    It’s called insurance and not expected to be needed. How often do you have a car accident? Do you wear your seat belt every time? Do you have car insurance? House insurance? Travel insurance? Are you upset if it’s never used? I just received a vinyl LP in the mail in a cardboard box, sealed in plastic and wrapped in bubble wrap. To me it says the sender cares about the product they are mailing. If you’re concerned about plastic in the bin Fanderson used to be mailed out in compostable plastic-like bags. Anyway, this is the last comment I’ll make and will let it drop.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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