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    Fanderson’s 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) is today.

    You can hear the facts and figures in a special podcast, in which Ros is joined by Fanderson chairman Nick Williams and designer/FAB co-editor Mike Jones to also get answers to members’ questions.

    The club committee will also be available live here on the Fanderson Forum today 12:00-13:00 UK time to answer any further questions. Log-in as usual via the Shop page.

    9279 Stephen Carson

    Hi Nick & the Fanderson committee. It was good to hear in the podcast that the society is in rude health.

    I was wondering if you can share any insight on what is planned for the 40th anniversary? Do you want any input from fans regarding it.


    Stephen Carson


    Hi Stephen.

    We originally planned for an event for the weekend of our 40th (20th August) but due to uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic we’ve decided to pause those plans and look again for 2022. It’s likely to be more of a social event than a convention, much like the 30th anniversary back in 2001. As always, input from members would be very welcome.

    We’ve also got a number of special products that we’ll be mailing to members this year with their FAB magazines, but I don’t want to say anything about them right now. I’d rather we surprise members! I hope you understand.

    273 stephen brown

    Hi Stephen,

    I’m sure Nick will say similar but suffice to say we always encourage input from members on any subject. It will be good to hear from any members and indeed ex members who have any thoughts on Fanderson over the last 40 years whether they are newcomers, returning members or those liker me who have been around almost all of those years.
    I suspect something will be going in FAB via letters/articles as well as on the website, Facebook and the Forum,.

    We do have a few special items planned specifically for the 40th anniversary but of course it wouldn’t then be a surprise. We also have more in the way of our ‘FAB book of’ series coming up and as I type this we are actively working on editing together the first of those.

    s far as anything else…watch this space

    Stephen Brown

    9279 Stephen Carson

    Thanks Nick. Good to hear we have some surprises to look forward to.

    It was interesting to hear again how the club first formed.

    Since the event you mention can’t go ahead this year I wondered if the following might be possible? I was thinking that if you had any footage of the first few Fanderson events perhaps you could have a special podcast with visuals with Ros hosting (like a commentary/watch along) where the early pioneers of Fanderson could reflect upon it & the likes of David Nightingale could participate (by Zoom). Hopefully not too much preparation.🙄

    Hopefully the event in 2022 goes ahead.

    Wishing you & the committee well & continued success.


    9279 Stephen Carson

    Thanks Stephen

    It is great that the methods of communication have multiplied over the years with the use of the website/ Facebook/ forum & now the podcast to add to traditional hard copy via SIG & then FAB.

    Good to hear a new book is in preparation. I was pleased to finally put all my “FAB book of” series into binders as well as Close Ups during the last lockdown.🤗

    I must now get around to putting all my FABs in the binders I bought ages ago as well! Keep up the good work. 👍


    9279 Stephen Carson

    Nick / Ros

    I note that in the podcast you refer to the archive material that has been recorded for “The Supermarionation Story” and you asked how this should be used.

    My view is that it should be used to produce the DVD / Blu-ray that was originally intended. I am aware that from each interview there will be stuff which you will not use as it may duplicate, be too long or not help tell the Supermarionation story. I don’t see any harm in also using the interviews in the podcast perhaps in full as they can stand on their own. In this way we can get the best of both. I’ll perhaps post this to the podcast for Ros so don’t feel that you have to respond.

    Thanks for the chance to air my view.


    Thanks to everyone who has already listened to the special podcast, and for your questions.

    We’ll formally close the AGM now and get on with other things, but I’m sure that we’ll get around to any further questions posted here over the next few days.

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