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    273 stephen brown

    Are you a fan of Fireball XL5, maybe you have the Fanderson and/or Silva Screen soundtrack releases. Perhaps the clubs sew on embroidered XL5 patch, the sticker or enamel badge?
    do you drive a car, have a man (or woman) shed, a house, padlocks, wall safe! all these have something in common,something we all probably use.

    Soon you will be able to attach all those keys to our new XL5 keyring.

    We are hoping this brand new sales item will be available in time for the hoped for summer covid restrictions to be lifted. Supplies are due by June.

    This is an exclusive announcement to the Fanderson Forum ahead of official notifications in a few weeks time.

    I’m sure everyone will want one for their car keys. Fire up the Quatro after your summer trip to the seaside and set of to those immortal words “On our way’ome”

    And a little bonus for one lucky Forum reader. Everyone replying to this announcement on the forum will have their name entered into a Space City Special draw. Ma Doughty will pull the winners name out from one of her special cake tins. The prize will be the XL5 keyring, patch, enamel badge and sticker along with the club’s Fireball XL5 soundtrack CD.

    Stephen Brown
    Fanderson Sales Admin

    9304 Keryn Grant

    Will the keyring be the same size as the enamel badge?
    I no longer have a car but I’m sure I can find a place for it. 🙂

    273 stephen brown

    Hi Keryn,

    it will be a bit smaller than the badge.

    We already do smaller IR, SHADO & Alpha Moonbase badges and will eventually do others in a smaller range as per request from several members. We recently found a new supplier who is doing a great job.

    As old stock sells out wed will replace some, not all with a new size too.

    the same will go for keyrings.

    Stephen Brown

    9304 Keryn Grant

    Great! Looking forward to the Fireball keyring release.


    That’s great news, these are so well produced. I think he smaller size will be better for the keyrings.

    273 stephen brown

    re the mini competition for forum readers. I will draw all names out of a ‘hat’ on 1st June 2021. As stated anyone who has replied to the Fireball XL5 thread will be eligible up to midnight on 31st May . The winner will recieve
    FIREBALL XL5 goodies
    the keyring
    sew on patch
    Fireball XL5 soundtrack CD
    (and a bonus XL5 item)

    6698 Kevin Dilks

    I have loved XL5 from when it was first broadcast, being lucky enough to live in the ATV region. Right from the opening logo and scene with Steve and Venus, I was in awe, particularly the shot of Steve flying along the side of the ship. Even now, I love the whole launch sequence and can appreciate the skill of all concerned to produce such a series. Our generation were so lucky to have been witness a truly memorable team fronted by Gerry and Sylvia.


    Always a fan of Fireball – even if I don’t win, I’m sure I’ll end up buying one!

    6830 Graham Briddon

    I may well be interested, as my current keyring has recently broken.

    I really must re-watch Fireball LX5 soon, as it is a great many years since I last saw it. A new blu-ray version would be nice…


    Hi Steve.
    I am definitely a fan of Fireball XL5. It’s still my favourite Anderson show and I would love to win the XL5 key ring.
    I would would also love to see the old TV Comic XL5 comic strip reprinted one day. The artwork by Neville Main might be a bit crude by todays standards but the stories (most of them written by Alan Fennell) were a lot closer in tone to the TV series than the TV21 comic strip.
    All the Best

    273 stephen brown

    hi Keith,

    well your name will go in the pot…you never know. as they say on the lottery…’it could be you’
    Of course whoever wins it would want to buy a second…just in case.



    Great news for the expanding range of FAB items!
    The collection will need new showcase for the next ones!


    Will have a look when it drops – not sure if I’d use it as a key ring or not though!

    273 stephen brown


    All names from this XL5 thread where put in my bespoke Captain Scarlet baseball cap then the winner was drawn out by my other half Lynn.

    The winner is KEVIN DILKS

    Congratulations Kevin. Over the coming days you will get your prize (in two deliveries as one item is coming from another address)

    Thanks to all who took part.

    Stephen Brown
    Fanderson Sales

    9304 Keryn Grant

    I only recently realised I hadn’t got around to ordering the FB keyring (where does the time go?) so I’ve finally put in an order today… a couple of other things. 🙂

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