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    6 colourised episodes is nice but £35 for 2 discs? The documentary also over priced at £20 as is the concert at £28. Never normally one for doing so I shall be waiting for the sales on these


    I agree, too much. Given these don’t appear to be limited releases I suspect they’ll end up fodder for future Network sales and/or Rarewaves.

    Might consider it at half price.

    15 Pat Gardner

    I agree with the above comments. Colourised versions are curiosities. What I really want from Network on blu ray are high quality versions of the Anderson programmes as they were made. But Network insist on “improving” Anderson’s work. For example, the colour changes on Captain Blue’s vehicle and the martian landscape in the Captain Scarlet releases, and the new title sequence for New Captain Scarlet.
    I would buy colourised versions as a curiosity but not at the price that Network are currently charging. Perhaps the disk will turn up in one of their sales in a few years time.

    15 Pat Gardner

    Sadly, seems there will be nothing more from Network. I was really hoping for The Secret Service and most of all a decent Thunderbirds release (though with a blu ray from ITV already available I held out scant hope for that). I will miss Network, I bought many discs from them over the years.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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