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    7019 Derek Eaton

    Good to see the Fanderson Forum back this time exclusively for paid up members only. Looking forwarding chatting with other members on here.

    1347 Sean Fox

    greeting to fanderson forum. lets get going.

    2443 Griff Wason

    It’s GREAT to have the FANDERSON Forum back! 🙂

    9304 Keryn Grant

    It should be easier to find topics too!

    The only thing is it feels really strange to see my membership number and full (real) name on the screen. I do feel a teensy bit exposed.

    9304 Keryn Grant

    Ah….with some difficulty I finally managed to remove my surname. I don’t know if you require the membership number to be displayed so I thought I’d better leave it (except I accidentally took it off….and then had to work out how to put it back. LOL)

    Oh well – new Forum, new challenges.


    I am VERY pleased to see the return of the Forums – much better than “The Other Place” 🙂


    I’m hoping to see some more faces from the old board. I was WillPS on there.


    Obviously, people need to be able to maintain a degree of privacy, but feedback from members about the old Forum was that people were hiding behind pseudonyms. By having to log in to the new Forum with your normal club user ID it will hopefully reassure people that they’re talking with real club members. It also will hopefully maintain standards of behaviour, again by being hard-linked to members’ club accounts.

    10497 Mike Fewell

    Good to have the Fab Forum back… hope to talk to you all once again, your friend from the USA 🇺🇸!

    I’m drinking some “Nighty Night” tea (it is tea to help you wind down… I’m having trouble sleeping 😞) out of my “Yes,” M’Lady” Parker cup, YEAH! 😊

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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